My Next Step

My Next Step


Welcome to The Next Somewhere, (formerly known as ‘Let’s Go Somewhere’) at its new home A few days ago, I received a lovely, out-of-the-blue message from a close friend in Korea. The bit of the message that caught my attention read:

Cheers to self-discovery and enlightenment on the road! – Caitlan

It made me recognize that in order to find some enlightenment on the road, I need to actually chart my journey. Every time I have ever taken a trip, I woefully regret not doing a better job at recording the stories. After a failed attempt at blogging last year, I’ve come to realize that with all that has been going on in my life and all of what’s in store, I needed to revive this project to bring me some clarity on where I need to go and be appreciative of the journey I’ve already made. At this very moment, I’m dedicating myself to put into practice this expression of self-love by investing time and effort into maintaining the blog.

And most importantly, I’m excited to share my travels with the people around the world who have backed every choice I’ve made in order to pursue my dreams. Even though this is chronicling the personal journey of one individual, I hope what’s conveyed inspires you, the reader, to start imagining your own adventures and how to turn them into reality.

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Izzy Pulido is a Bostonian by way of the Philippines who loves to vagabond. At 28, the former expat has traded in her nomadic ways for a semi-permanent life in the USA. These days, she's focusing on balancing domestic and international travel with a full-time job, while planning her 2019 destination wedding in Oaxaca, Mexico. She lives for good times, good food, and good peeps.


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