Let’s Rewind: Thailand

The latest video series, Let’s Rewind, is my way of expressing what I experienced on past trips through a visual assembly of everyday moments.

First up is a mishmash of the beginning leg of my Adventures in Asia. My time in Thailand was filled with epic reunions with people from back home and most importantly, my sisters and I were finally together again! It also marked the start of my time backpacking with Tim throughout Asia. We walked through giant outdoor markets, the dream trip I was planning with my best friend Cheyenne came in to being, we pushed our way into a  locals-only muay thai match. What else? Oh, there was a lot of fried food consumption and laying out on beaches. I also had a chance to make a homecoming trip to my exchange city, Sawankhalok, to reunite with my host family who I haven’t seen in six years! It was an unforgettable six weeks in Thailand but you have to see it for yourself.

Izzy Pulido is a Bostonian by way of the Philippines who loves to vagabond. At 28, the former expat has traded in her nomadic ways for a semi-permanent life in the USA. These days, she's focusing on balancing domestic and international travel with a full-time job, while planning her 2019 destination wedding in Oaxaca, Mexico. She lives for good times, good food, and good peeps.


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