Let’s Rewind: Taiwan

Let’s Rewind takes a look at the first trip of 2017 as we explore more of Asia. For Chinese New Year, or what is known as Tet in Vietnam, Tim and I jetted off to Taipei, Taiwan where I caved for all things fried, cheesy and spicy. From Raohe Night Market to Beitou’s famous hot springs, shrimp fishing and graffiti villages, Taipei has something for every traveler (but especially for those who like to grub!) Taiwan warrants a return visit in the future and I look forward to that day!

Millette Pulido is a Bay Area-based, Boston-bred Filipina who loves to vagabond. At 29, the former expat has traded in her nomadic ways for a semi-grounded life in San Jose, CA. These days, she's focusing on balancing travel with a full-time job, all while planning her 2019 destination wedding in Oaxaca, Mexico. She lives for good times, good food, and good peeps. Find out her #wheretonext on Instagram @thenextsomewhere.


  1. I love that more and more people are visiting Taiwan! I was born in Taipei and go back a few times a year, your video is making me drool. There’s nothing like Taiwanese street food!

  2. Nomadic Foot

    20 February

    it seems Taiwan has a great scope for traveler like me. foods looks delicious. View from the top is so good.

  3. Street food looks so good! It’s obvious that you’ve enjoyed it, it’s written all over your faces! 😀 Thanks for sharing the video, loved it!

  4. Madhurima Maiti

    26 February

    Woah! Taiwan is obviously a great place to explore. And the video you have made, I think is just as amazing. You have captured the travel essence so aptly and efficiently. Keep it up 🙂

  5. Sandy N Vyjay

    26 February

    Taiwan is a food paradise for all the right reasons and for all the delicious food. Night markets and graffiti villages, Taipei looks wonderful. Nice video, can see you guys having a great time with all the food.

  6. Bonita

    26 February

    Videos tell a better story and even take you to the event direct! I have really fancied the night markets! But mannnn….the food! Something else. Even got hungry. Nice video!

  7. Such a great video, Izzy – and perfect timing, I’m actually going to Taiwan in March/April! I’m SO excited, it seems like such an amazing place. I was glad to see most of the places I’m hoping to visit in the video (including Modern Toilet, ha!) , looks like you guys had a great time!

  8. Nina

    26 February

    I love how much of this video is you eating all the amazing stuff in Taiwan. I would totally do that too! The food is such an important part of the culture anywhere!

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