The 2017 Traveler’s Holiday Gift Guide Part Two

The 2017 Traveler’s Holiday Gift Guide Part Two

 The Traveler's Holiday Gift Guide Part Two @The Next Somewhere

Christmas is less than 10 days away! Continuing on with the 2017 edition of the “Traveler’s Holiday Gift Guide,” I have twenty-four more worldly holiday gift ideas for all the globetrotters and even some for the armchair traveler. And feel free to enter not one, but TWO giveaways at the bottom of the page! 😊

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2017 Travelers Holiday Gift Guide Vietnam Food Map21. Food Map Vietnam Poster by Legal Nomads

Bun cha Hanoi, Goi Cuon, Tra Da. No string of words could stir more rousing food memories in my soul than the ones features on Jodi Ettenberg’s typographic food map of Vietnam. Jodi Ettenberg is one of the most prominent names in the travel blogging sphere and we share a history of time spent in Ho Chi Minh City and also a gluten intolerance (she has a nice library of gluten-free food guides at her blog, Legal Nomads.) The blog has gone unfortunately into hiatus mode since Ettenberg’s critical diagnosis with a CSF leak. Travel blogging is hard work and many full-time bloggers rely on the support of their readers. Please help out a fellow travel blogger in her time of need by purchasing one of her designs featuring the cuisines of Italy, Japan, Mexico, Thailand, and Vietnam. $18 for one white on black print.

2017 Travelers Holiday Gift Guide Hydroflask22. 21 oz. Standard Mouth with Sports Cap by Hydro Flask

Q: What’s the secret behind fighting off the effects of jetlag and poor health choices while on the road? A: Drink more water! And what better way to stay hydrated then with a Hydro Flask bottle, which uses TempShield insulation to keep drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours. The sports cap makes sipping easy and the best part about this product is that it comes backed with a lifetime warranty, so no matter how banged up it gets on the road, you can trade it in for a brandnewproduct! *mindblown* One canister for $35.95. Comes in purple, green, blue, and black.

2017 Travelers Holiday Gift Guide 2018 Rifle Paper Co Wall Calendar23. Maps of the World 2018 Calendar by Rifle Paper Co.

Need a monthly dose of travel inspiration? The next destination is waiting on the other side of each page turn. Challenge: play a game of spontaneity with yourself and aim to visit the country being featured on your birth month.  $26 for one wall calendar.

2017 Travelers Holiday Gift Guide Made in North Korea24. Made in North Korea: Graphic from Everyday Life in the DPRK by Phaidon

If there’s one country I’d never go to, it would be North Korea. But that doesn’t mean I’m not curious about what goes on behind the iron curtain. In a riveting compilation of curios collected by author Nick Bonner, readers are given an uncensored look at the state-controlled designs consumed by everyday DPRK citizens. These two-dimensional images inform us about what is eaten, what is advertised, and what is purhcased, challenging what we think we know about the world’s most secretive state and giving us a rare glimpse into one of the most oppressive regimes of the modern era. One Flexibound book for $25.31.

2017 Travelers Holiday Gift Guide Kings County Chocolate Whiskey25. Chocolate Whiskey by Kings County Distillery

If local liquors are up your alley, Brooklyn’s homegrown treat is none other than Kings County Chocolate Whiskey. This bestseller pairs leftover cacao husks from Mast Brothers, a popular chocolatier also from Brooklyn, with Kings County moonshine to create a warm, not overly sweet whiskey that’s fine on the rocks or as a part of a festive libation. One 200 ml flask for $20.

2017 Travelers Holiday Gift Guide Kodak Printomatic26.Printomatic Instant Print Camera by Kodak , Prints On ZINK 2×3″ Sticky-Backed Paper – Yellow

With a telling name and a cheery aesthetic, the Printomatic by Kodak is bound to be your next best travel companion. The compact camera uses cartridgeless technology to produce smudge-free photos printed on sticky-backed paper that come out at an instant. And since it is a digital camera, you can save all your photos. The price is probably the best part about this gift. $69.99 for Amazon Prime subscribers, gift bundle is $99.

2017 Travelers Holiday Gift Guide CitixFamily Guide27. CitixFamily City Guides by Victionary

For the globetrotting family, this is the perfect solution for keeping restless children occupied while also making sure that these special journeys are properly documented. The full package comes with a pullout city guide mapping out twenty kid-friendly locations vetted by creative locals, a set of memory cards, 2 postcards, and a 24-page travel journal for your little ones. The cities currently offered in the series are Barcelona, London, Copenhagen, New York City, Paris, and San Francisco and are only $15.95 each.

2017 Travelers Holiday Gift Guide Aruna Lounge Pants28. Aruna Lounge Pants by Enrou

Let your look reflect what a holiday ought to be: easy, breezy, and all about lounging. Not only will you be super stylish in these airy pants, but your purchase of these Aruna Lounge Pants gives dignified work to young women in India to combat human trafficking, reinvesting all the proceeds in an empowering, microfinance venture with budding artisans. $30.80 for a pair.

2017 Travelers Holiday Gift Guide National Parks Registry29. The National Parks Register by Wanderwideart

In the wake of the detrimental impact the Trump Administration is having on the United States’ national parks—as in shrinking the size of monuments and hiking up park fees—supporting the existence of the national parks service could not be more crucial. This screenprinted National Park Registry posters features 59 natural wonders located all around the USA and allows the owner to catalog their visits via a neat stamping process.  Screenprinted print is $59 and comes with stamp and inkpad.

2017 Travelers Holiday Gift Guide Sol de Janeiro

30. Brazilian Beauty on the Go by Sol de Janiero

. The Bum Bum cream, named after Brazilian’s favorite *ahem* “asset”, is made with Amazonian Guaraná extract, giving skin an extra boost of radiance and lift. The Brazilian Kiss Cupuaçu Lip Butter leaves lips feeling soft and luscious, while leaving a dewy sheen. É o jeitinho brasileiro. Travel-sized bundle for $25, valued at $38

2017 Travelers Holiday Gift Guide Claudia Pearson Hobo Tote31. Brooklyn Hobo Tote by Claudia Pearson

Brooklyn-based children’s book illustrator Claudia Pearson draws upon everyday facets to paint a picture of urban Brooklyn. From fire hydrants and perched pigeons, to jars of pickles from Brooklyn Brine and apartment buildings filled with ordinary people and aspiring artists, each tote is decorated in an assembly of the objects we associate to famous American cities. 14 cities to choose from, $20 per bag.

2017 Travelers Holiday Gift Guide Personalized Leather Passport Holder32. Personalised Leather Passport Holder With World Map by Stabo

Reduce the possibility of  losing the most important thing in your suitcase with this made to order passport monogrammed with your initials. Made from natural cowhide leather out of workshop in Cambridge, United Kingdom, the passport cover can be further personalized should you wish to add a special message in the inside flap. $27.11 including monograms, order in Turquoise Blue or Tan.

2017 Travelers Holiday Gift Guide Silk Bandana Madewell33. Silk Bandana by Madewell

When it comes to practicality, scarves are a close second to sarongs.This silk bandana can be used to dress up a plain shirt, as a makeshift cover for expensive camera gear, as a protective wrap for loose jewelry, and to cover your head in sacred spaces. This is cross-functional at its finest. Four different prints for $24.50. Use the promo code ‘ADDTOCART’ for 25% off.

2017 Travelers Holiday Gift Guide Turtl Travel Pillow34. Travel Pillow by TRTL

At first, you might feel a bit stupid rocking what looks like a piece of cloth attached to a broken neck brace out in public, but who cares?! You’ll pass out the moment you strap this pillow around your head. The TRTL Neck Pillow has been engineer to support your neck on long haul flights and can be positioned for sleep either to the left, right, or the front of your head for individualized comfort. It lies flat when not in use, which is perfect for frequent fliers not looking to lug around a lot, or those who pack too much and space is tight. $22.98 for one pillow, comes in four colors.

2017 Travelers Holiday Gift Guide 23 & Me The Ancestry Kit35. Ancestry Service by 23 and Me

While we may never unearth the secrets to our celestial origins, we can trace our earthly roots with much more ease. Using saliva samples to compute a DNA analysis, the 23 & Me testing service will outline your ethnic makeup under 31 unique population categories and also which Neanderthal grouping you came from.  Also great for ending age old disputes between bickering relatives about your family lineage. #knowthyself  Ancestry Kit now $79, originally $99.

Word The Creator Shirt36. The Creator Shirt by WORD

No matter what language it’s written in, the word woman demonstrates power, magnificence, prestige, and strength. That’s why the makers behind this shirt, WORD, chose to name the shit “The Creator Shirt,” alluding to the woman’s role in the act of creation. Whether women are rearing children or starting their own businesses, they are making a difference in their communities. 25% of the proceeds of this shirt is donated to Planned Parenthood, which provides affordable healthcare for women across the USA. $25 for white or black shirt. Sizes run big.

2017 Travelers Holiday Gift Guide Les Sierras Throw Pillows37. Les Sierras Throw Pillow Cover by LemoneeOnTheHills

Dress your boring old beadspreads and sofas with decorative throw pillows of evergreens blanketing the majestic Sierra Mountains in California. 1% of the proceeds goes toward the Tree Planting National Forest Program. Choose from an indoor pillow cover or a fade and weather resistant outdoor cover. $22.50 for a 16×16 inch indoor pillow. This maker also takes custom orders.

2017 Travelers Holiday Gift Guide DIY Kimchi Kit38. DIY Kimchi Making Kit by Mother in Law’s

2017 Travelers Holiday Gift Guide Adventure Assist Travel Notebook39. Travel Notebook by Adventure Assist

Looking back on my travel journals, I’ve come to realize that my observations and thoughts share space with flight timetables, contact details, ticket stubs, and random polaroids. What happens if there was one notebook that was part journal, part planner? The team behind Adventure Assist have finally delivered a product that seamlessly centralizes all trip planning and documenting into one durable, travel keepsake. With pockets in the inside covers and tabbed pages sectioned off into packing lists, calendars, contacts, and accommodations, you’ll always have useful information in hand. One travel notebook for $34.95.

2017 Travelers Holiday Gift Guide Brass Oui or Non Earrings40. Brass Oui or Non Earrings by Larissa Loden

For those days where it’s hard to make up your mind, let these statement earrings do the talking. And indecisiveness is made that much more chic when translated into French, oui or non? Jewelry artist Larissa Loden “rescues” knicknacks flea market hunting to create one of a kind pieces that also have a past life. One pair for $20.

2017 Travelers Holiday Gift Guide World Map Slipons41. World Map Canvas Slip-Ons by Bucket Feet

White canvas slip-ons are my new favorite thing on the road, and not because the optic white instantly transforms a drab outfit into fab, but also because slip-ons make going through airport security checks and temple hopping a breeze. This pair sports an illustration from New Jersey-raised watercolorist Meera Lee Patel, whose ancient homeland of India has inspired a bold, whimsical flair in her paintings. $55.25 for one pair.

2017 Travelers Holiday Gift Guide Marcella Kriebel Comida Cubana42. “Mi Comida Latina” and “Comida Cubana” by Marcella Kriebel

After procuring a copy of Cook Korean! featured on last year’s “Best Travel Books of 2016” wanderlist, I have become obsessed with illustrated cookbooks. The discovery of self-published Marcella Kriebel was all by chance, as I stumbled upon her second book, Comida Cubana ($19.29), at the Harvard Book Store. This 100% handpainted and handlettered cookbook transports us to the Caribbean island of Cuba and shows off local delicacies like Bacán (banana leaf steamed plantain and crab). Her first endeavor, Mi Comida Latina ($17.37), features more than 100 recipes from across Latin America, ranging from the mainstream items to the more obscure.

2017 Travelers Holiday Gift Guide Luminous Dewy Skin43. Luminous Dewy Skin Mist by Tatcha

The secrets of classical Japanese beauty are bottled up in this stunning travel-sized vial. The Luminous Dewy Skin is a milky, emulsive spray that is used to reduce the appearance of dry, fatigued skin. On especially grueling travel days, it can be used to refresh dehydrated tired skin with or without makeup. The Tatcha brand utilizes the holy trinity of Eastern anti-aging ingredients: green tea, rice, and algae, as the foundation of its Eastern inspired skin care philosophy. The travel-sized version of this bestseller is $20.

2017 Travelers Holiday Gift Guide Uniqlo Omiyage44. Men Omiyage Shirt by Uniqlo

Uniqlo’s line of Japanese culture-inspired wear, the “Nippon Omiyage” (Japanese Souvenir) collection celebrates all things kawaii, ramen, manga, and harajuk. Throughout the year, the collection rotates submissions from various artists who dream up creative interpretations of elements obviously Japan like Mount Fuji and regal geishas. The latest contributor is revered cartoonist Fujio Akatsuka whose ramen masters shouting out kanji-whatnots from his slapstick mangas, Tensai Bakabon and Moretsu Ataro, put the graphic in graphic tee. $14.90 for a gray graphic tee.


The Traveler's Holiday Gift Guide Part Two @The Next Somewhere

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  1. Shelley

    16 December

    I can’t believe Christmas is only 10 days away and that 2017 is already over. That was FAST! I’d love those Aruna Lounge pants though… they look super comfortable and what a great cause too.

  2. Victoria

    17 December

    I am obsessed with maps and totally need to map of the world you suggested! I also love the water bottle! Looks like good quality too 🙂

  3. Cheyenne Fox Tree-McGrath

    17 December

    I love the neck pillow and hydro flask! They both are total game changers!!!

  4. Arianna

    17 December

    I love your blog, Izzy – it is full of life and just gets me more excited to see the world in the future. I’m excited to see more blog posts – thank you for inspiring me with your content.

  5. Kavey Favelle

    17 December

    What a great collection and I love the graphics you created for each item, they are wonderful. I’m coveting a Japan food map by Legal Nomads, the chocolate whiskey, the Kodak Printomatic camera, the personalised world map passport holder, the ancestry DNA service and that great omiyage T-shirt!

  6. Dany

    17 December

    Incredible, right? Where has this year gone to? My sis has the Hydro Flask and it’s definitely awesome. I didn’t know that drinking water could help with the side effects of jetlag!

  7. Elaine J Masters

    18 December

    Looks like some great suggestions for travelers. It seems that the turtle neck support would be a good addition for my travels. You also reminded me about the importance of a good scarf too.

  8. Rocio Cadena

    18 December

    These are so damn great Izzy! I want a FEW of them and all for myself haha. But my fave is def the passport holder. I think I’m gonna order one 😉 treat yo self kinda season, right? Do you have any of these items? What’s your fave one(s)?

  9. Kate

    18 December

    I love the travel Christmas guides this year! Retailers are really identifying the wants and needs of dreamers like us 🙂 I especially love that world map necklace. I rarely wear jewelry but I think that’d make its way into a daily staple. The DIY Kimchi made me crack up so hard! I should send that home to my family. I wonder how long it takes to ship!

  10. Alla Ponomareva

    18 December

    My hubby always has a hard time sleeping on flights, I think TRTL pillow would be a nice fit for him. As for myself…hmm..Larissa Loden’s earrings look beautiful! I love that she re-purposes old materials into new uses. This list is sure to satisfy the greenest to the most experienced travelers without a doubt!

  11. Followingtherivera

    18 December

    I’m getting some of that bum bum cream, if only to keep on my bathroom shelf ha! These are great gift ideas for wanderlusters, and a few I could happily do with do! One post I’m going to save for loved ones!

  12. Jennifer

    18 December

    Legal Nomads is great! They know their way around food and that map is so creative.

  13. Ozzy

    19 December

    Well, to be honest, there are many things on this list that I would personally love to have over the holidays.
    But keeping with the holiday spirit I would love to conjure up a bottle of the Chocolate Whiskey and fuse it in with the 2018 travel calendar.
    A great post!

  14. Samantha

    19 December

    Omg this list is amazing… there’s nothing wrong with treating myself to a few/several Christmas gifts this year…. right?!

  15. Chelsea Brady

    19 December

    Izzy hit us with another banger! First off – love your graphics as per usual. AND I just bought the luminous dewy skin mist by Tatcha and absolutely love it! One spray to your face at the end of the day and it looks like you reapplied and refreshed! AND it’s the eprfect size for travel 🙂 The adventure assist book looks like something I’d definitely use as well! Thanks for this list – these gifts will make every traveller smile!

  16. Wendy

    19 December

    I joined!!! I would love to give my husband a Personalised Leather Passport Holder With World Map by Stabo:-)

  17. Nina

    19 December

    Hi Izzy! So happy I stumbled on your blog again. This list is great. I LOVE Hydroflask and the Legal Nomad maps! Also your graphics are EVERYTHING. You’re so cute, I love the look of everything on your blog. <3

  18. Brooke

    19 December

    Hm.. I’m not one for gadgets or buying more stuff period but I do LOVE the maps of the world map-putting it on my list for my fiancee to get me (even if he has to get it after Christmas-we’re in Spain so people open presents here Jan 5 anyways! 🙂

  19. Meagan

    19 December

    The National Parks register and chocolate whiskey both sound FANTASTIC – Luke is getting more and more into whiskey, and I’m always a sucker for maps and charts 🙂 This is a great list, and the content is super unique. Thanks for putting all of this together!!

  20. Carol Perehudoff

    20 December

    I do hope Jodi Ettenberg gets better soon, and I think her map would be a great idea for anyone visiting Saigon, which can be a pretty confusing place to eat in. You have some great gift ideas here, for me the Luminous Dewy Skin Mist is exactly what I need for long flights.

  21. Cat

    20 December

    So many unique gift ideas for travelers! The art of the map of the world calendars look so chic. I’d love to buy one for myself 🙂

  22. Laura

    20 December

    You always pick out the best gifts! I had no idea about Legal Nomads; that is so sad. I love that you included the Mother in Law brand – love their gochujang as it’s vegan! You run what is quite literally the most creative travel blog out there!

  23. Megan Jerrard

    20 December

    Love the idea of the Printomatic by Kodak – such a fabulous idea to combine both instant printing technology with a digital camera. And the travel pillow sounds amazing – I don’t really care what I look lie on flights (re the neck brace comment lol) if it means I’ll get a good nights sleep on a long haul!

  24. Jenna

    20 December

    So many great ideas, thanks for sharing! We have the Japan food map from Legal Nomads and love it—such a fun gift idea and a great way to help out a travel blogger when she really needs it! That Kodak camera looks pretty cool too—I love polaroid but this looks like a really cool option because you can save the photos digitally too! Really like the National Park register and the Les Sierras Throw Pillow, as well!

  25. Danijela

    20 December

    Maps of the world countries Calendar sounds interesting. I wonder what country I’d end up with if I’d choose according to the birth month. 🙂
    Some useful gifts you have here, would have to check them out.

  26. Alli

    20 December

    Oh my – chocolate flavoured whiskey! Sounds so interesting, I have to try it! I am also intrigued by the luminous spray mist – that would come in handy in hot climates and welcome as a nice refreshing spritz I’m sure 🙂 I wouldn’t mind all of these under my tree this year!

  27. Francesca Murray

    20 December

    I may have to sneak that hydroflask onto my list last minute! I have a water bottle that I carry with me but it’s only like 12 ounces. Not nearly enough!

  28. Stacey

    21 December

    I love these! Especially #36 #womenpower

  29. Siân

    21 December

    Love love love all of these gift ideas! Wish I had the budget to spoil my friends and fam with some of them, the 23 and Me is a great idea that I’d have never thought of! Miss you Izzy!

  30. Marvi

    22 December

    Cool list! Lately I have been considering buying something to have my photos on a more tangible way and the camera sounds like a good thing to have.. I’d love to have that Printomatic Instant Print Camera and would definitely show this to my husband and hope he’d get the hint. hahah..

  31. Wow! Such an exceptional gift guide which is very suitable for last moment shopping, Izzy. Excellent list of suggestions! 😉

  32. Chris

    23 December

    Really diggin this list. Lots of good ideas and ideas that help set off new ideas. Thanks!

  33. Alberto C.

    24 December

    I’m absolutely terrible buying gifts, so this will definitely help! The passport holder is super cool, might even get one for myself!

  34. Chocolate whisky?? That sounds yummm. I’d love to try that!
    The Maps of the World Calender looks interesting too.
    The personalized passport cover looks cool too!

  35. I might just have to order that Chocolate whiskey for my husband! Great list of gifts, unique and fun!

  36. David

    26 December

    There are so many great tips in here. The note pad is a must for me. Thanks

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