Travel Inspired Home Decor Ideas To Affirm Wanderl...

Travel Inspired Home Decor Ideas To Affirm Wanderlust


Travel Inspired Home Decor

Calling all jetsetters! Make your home as much of a travel destination with these travel inspired home decor ideas to affirm your wanderlust.

One of my favorite parts about moving around a lot is the opportunity to decorate a new home. When describing my interior design style, it’s all about how to tastefully represent the outside world inside my personal haven. When it comes to travel inspired decorating, step outside the comforts of world maps and travel posters. In this list, you’ll find homegoods for the sentimentalist, fair trade handicrafts, upcycled objects, and wall art that will take you to all the places you long to be.

Travel Inspired Home Decor Alvar Carto


World maps tend to be the most popular way to express a love for globetrotting. But instead of the whole world on display in your bedroom, how about zooming-in on one significant destination? Leave it to the Scandinavians to figure out a gorgeous way to readjust our perspectives. Finnish papergoods company Alvar Carto lets us magnify the most important places in our lives. When given a closer look, the focused approach has made me appreciate the places I love all the more. The customization is not limited to place; you can even customize the aesthetic, colors, and text too! The poster I splurged on features Daejeon, South Koreathe city where Tim and I first met! Hoping to add a Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam poster to my Christmas wishlist!

Custom posters starting at $45 USD on Alvar Carto.

Travel Inspired Home Decor Alvar Carto

Here’s a preview of the map I created and own using smart coordinate technology.

Travel Inspired Home Decor


I don’t know what I love more about this coffee table: the ceramic tiles that whisk me away to the streets of Lisboa or the fact that the tabletop splits and lifts up to reveal a retractable desk. The unit also becomes another storage space to stow away puzzles, board games, and throw blankets inside.

On sale for $150 on Amazon.

Travel Inspired Home Decor Hammock


Instantly transform your boring backyard to a groovy oasis with this rainbow hammock made in Brazil. Hammocks have long been used by native Brazilians since pre-Portugues colonists and many local artisans can skillfully  weave lavish, fringed lace. Caipirinhas not included.

Buy now for $125.79 on Novica.

Travel Inspired Home Decor Custom Globe


Nothing says “I Love To Travel” than a customized world globe proclaiming that exact sentiment. The handlettered design makes for an eyecatching, statement piece on a bookshelf.

Buy now for $28 on Etsy.

Travel Inspired Home Decor


Serve afternoon tea on this cheerful tray made from recycled silk sarisan art form known as ‘Kantha’. This time-honored weaving tradition is not only durable, but is also a practical way to repurpose discarded fabrics.

Buy a small tray for $24 at LEIF.

Travel Inspired Home Decor


As a recent Californian transplant, I find myself homesick for Massachusetts all the time. This company stocks fragrance blueprints of all 50 states. For example, Northern California is a splendid mix of wine and redwood, while the scent snapshot of Massachusetts is none other than donuts, apple cider, and a dash of that crisp autumn smell.

Buy standard size candle for $29.95 at Homesick Candles.

Travel Inspired Home Decor


I’m obsessed with the Maneki-Neko aesthetic and couldn’t believe my luck discovering this dose of happiness in bath mat form! Please bring good fortune my way lucky cat, and keep the morning chill away from my toes!

Online only for $34 at Urban Outfitters.

Travel Inspired Home Decor


My idea of Moroccan hospitality is synonymous to being served freshly-brewed Morrocan mint tea every place we went. I mean, who wouldn’t feel welcomed sipping sweetened, crushed spearmint leaves from these luxurious glasses. Every modern host/hostess needs to adopt this Moroccan custom.

Teapot ($79) and teaglasses ($48) sold separately. Find them at Casablanca Market.

Travel Inspired Home Decor


With an overflow of polaroids and not enough display options, these dainty mountains are a great alternative to clothespins and twine presentations. You can also use them as place cards for fancy dinner parties.

1 mountain for $10; 3 for $25 on Etsy.

Travel Inspired Home Decor


When I think of wooden signs, I think of places I’ve been and places I’m going to. This rustic triptych is a beautiful way to celebrate origins and destinations, especially for those in long distance relationships or those who have moved away from loved ones. Can be customized with any US state or country.

Buy now for $42 at Etsy.

Travel Inspired Home Decor


A friend of a friend had discovered this sunny pitcher during her study abroad days in Madrid, and to this day, gifts this Sangria pitcher to each of her friends. Each vessel from LaTienda is hand-painted in the small town of El Puente del Arzobispo and features the artisan’s signature for authenticity.

Buy now for $43.95 on LaTienda.

Travel Inspired Home Decor


Growing up, I had two poof chairs in my house from my mother’s time living in the Middle East. Which is why, I can’t imagine an inviting homespace without a poof chair. This vibrant poof is a patchwork of embroidered Indian fabrics and guarantees that you have backup seating when the dining room fills up.

Buy now for $44.99 on World Market.

Travel Inspired Home Decor


You know you’re a traveler when… packing a suitcase is basically muscle memory. To ensure that you never forget how to pack sensibly, splurge on these nesting doll vintage suitcase chests that double as a nifty side table when stacked.

On sale for $79.99 on HayNeedle.

Travel Inspired Home Decor


Two things I came back with from Cusco: an all-too-real fear of altitude sickness and these darling sunburst mirrors, which made up for three days of non-stop nausea. The carving techniques used for these delicate wall accents demonstrate centuries-old craftsmanship once used for solely religious work.

12″ or 15″ mirror for $59 on West Elm.

Travel Inspired Home Decor


Throw blankets are household essential and this alpaca-synthetic blend is sure to become a living room staple. Produced by the Otavaleños people who are native to northern Ecuador, the colors of the Antisana blanket are inspired by the volcano it was named after.

Buy now for $149.99 at Ecudane.

Travel Inspired Home Decor


Of all the things showcased in Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar, nothing dazzled me more than these mosaic lamps. Anytime I need to travel back to Turkey, I turn on my handmade Turkish lamp and let the multiplex of colors transform my dreary room into a magical souk corridor.

Buy now for $49.99 on Amazon.

Travel Inspired Home Decor


Upcycled vinyls have never looked so stylish. There are dozens of lasercut skylines to choose from. Invest in your favorite cities around the world and set the clocks to their local timezones.

Comes in different cities for $34.99 at Vinyl Shop US.

Travel Inspired Home Decor


A innovative take to the trending macramé fad made from recycled sari fabric (like the handwoven tray and sufi poof above). Use this wall hanging to liven up a bare wall and best of all, this purchase supports a woman’s co-op in Bangladesh.

Buy now for $34.99 at Ten Thousand Villages.



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Millette Pulido is a Bay Area-based, Boston-bred Filipina who loves to vagabond. At 29, the former expat has traded in her nomadic ways for a semi-grounded life in San Jose, CA. These days, she's focusing on balancing travel with a full-time job, all while planning her 2019 destination wedding in Oaxaca, Mexico. She lives for good times, good food, and good peeps. Find out her #wheretonext on Instagram @thenextsomewhere.


  1. Laura Nalin

    14 November

    As I’m getting ready to move back home after all this time, this post made me really excited about the opportunity of decorating my future home. I love these handpicked options – so colorful and definitely evoke a sense of wanderlust. Ah, you’re always writing the best posts!

    • Izzy Pulido

      15 November

      First of all, you deserve a place that is as beautiful as you and I am excited that you’re excited by the prospect of getting to spruce up your home in the USA! Thank you for always complimenting my blog posts, you’ve been such an inspiration in the blogging world for me Laura! Christmas 2018 gift guide is already coming out next week! Crazy!!! 😀

  2. Angela Meyer

    15 November

    I love this article and your instagram account!! That is so cool that you and your SO met in Korea!! I am dating a Korean guy from Daejeon actually and we have been together for 3 years now! The map of Daejeon made me stop and read your insta post and that is why I am here! Out of all the travel related items you listed I think I would love the ALVAR CARTO MAP POSTER and that is why I entered the giveaway!! I studied in Seoul, South Korea for a year and I would love to have a poster of the city. Also I would love the tea set mentioned in this post! It is so pretty.

    • Izzy Pulido

      15 November

      Awww, thank you so much Angela for all the love on the account and on the blog! I honestly can’t believe that Tim and I met in South Korea, never thought I’d meet my SO abroad!!! Congrats on the 3 years with your man! It’s crazy that the Daejeon location cauht your eye out of all things! Wishing you the best of luck with your entry!! 😀 😀 😀 And I own the tea set and love how it spruces up my dining table! Plus you can practice pouring the tea from a foot up in the air!

  3. Anjelica

    15 November

    Girl you know I want that map I would have it show hongdae!! We met at the Zoo Coffee outside of and to the left of exit 9! You know it!

    • Izzy Pulido

      15 November

      I had no idea you and Noah met outside of Zoo Coffee! Crazy!!!! You’ve been a longtime supporter of the blog so I hope you win! 😀

  4. Alla

    15 November

    Hey, your blog looks different! So clean and refreshing. Great graphics with the very attractive holiday items to get/want this year, my favorite is the Moroccan tea set, I’m a sucker for good tea!

    • Izzy Pulido

      15 November

      Awww, that really means a lot to me Alla coming from you as a photographer! I agree–the last version of the website was too cluttered for my taste and all the white allows the graphics to stand out better! I love my Moroccan tea set! The glasses really make a table setting pop!

  5. Frances

    15 November

    I really really love the maps! But those mirrors are defo my favourite!

    • Izzy Pulido

      15 November

      How did I know you would love those mirrors? 😛 They’re very LEO accessories. I bought mine in Peru and it’s one of my fave room staples! Lemme see if I can get you one when my friends visit again 🙂

  6. Stephanie Hedger

    15 November

    I love all of these so much! The map is super awesome as well. Love to win one for Yeosu!

    • Izzy Pulido

      16 November

      Awww, I can already picture it up in your camper!!! Your home away from home represented in your home away from home!

  7. Kayley

    16 November

    The map is such a special souvenir. And like you I love to decorate my home with items from my travels.

    • Izzy Pulido

      16 November

      Agreed! While *some* people patronize my souvenir splurge habits, I also have a super cool home that one day will reflect all the places I’ve been 😛

  8. Andrea P.

    16 November

    so many amazing things!! been picking up little nick-nacks here and there from every travel for my future home!!

    • Izzy Pulido

      16 November

      Wait seriously sis!??! So have I! I left all my future home buys upstairs in the attic hahaha 😛

  9. Martin

    20 November

    I like the zooming in on a particular location, great idea!

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