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We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open – Jawaharlal Nehru


Meet Izzy Pulido. 26. Leo. Bostonian by way of the Philippines. Happily in love. Always family first. Curiosity driven. Culinary adventurer. People-oriented. Soul-searching. Sentimental. Often found contemplating the complexities of life.
Timeline of The Next Somewhere Izzy Pulido


Travel is at the heart of my story. My parents started it all, having immigrated from the United States from the Philippines for a shot at the American Dream. Both my mother and father were explorers in their own right. My mother worked as a Respiratory Therapist in Manila for 3 years before she decided to broaden her horizons and move to Saudi Arabia. My father on the other hand, worked in the airline industry milking all the travel perks for what it was worth. Having two parents who loved to travel opened me up to new experiences and because of that, I saw a good portion of the world before I was even ten-years-old.


Celebrating my first birthday in the USA (technically my second)

After immigrating to the USA, we moved around a lot before permanently settling in Beverly, MA when I was eleven. During high school, the travels were minimal until my parents’ split forced a need to reevaluate my life, which led me to decide upon taking a gap year. With a fellowship from Rotary International, I was chosen to be a youth exchange student in Thailand for one year. After an enlightening and uplifting year, I knew I couldn’t stop traveling. I attended UMass Boston to a pursue an education in Cultural Anthropology thus continuing my love of learning about other cultures. During my college career, I studied abroad in Florence, Italy and participated in service learning trips to locations like the Peruvian jungle and the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, USA.

On my service-learning trip to the Pine Ridge Reservation with my Native American best friend

On my service-learning trip to the Pine Ridge Reservation with my Native American best friend

After graduation, I decided to embark on a career path that took me overseas where I became an EFL teacher. I finished my  first year teaching abroad in Daejeon, South Korea where I met Tim, a fellow American teaching in Korea and the absolute love of my life. At the end of my first year teaching, we embarked on a seven month backpacking trip around Asia with a pitstop in the USA to meet each other’s families.

WIth some of my amazing students during a year teaching in Korea

With some of my amazing students during a year teaching in Korea

We now find ourselves nine months deep in our Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam experience. I started off teaching but was offered an opportunity with a local magazine, which led to an even bigger leap towards my dreams! I am currently the managing editor for Vietnam Tourism’s official website, in charge of producing the soon-to-relaunch website. With only six months to go, Tim and I are preparing for a move back to the States in June of 2017  ❤️
The Next Somewhere India

Seeing one of the wonders of the world on our backpacking trip!