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The next stop of the tour is taking us to the backpacker haven nestled high in the mountains, the mystical country of Nepal.

Nepal has called to my heart for as long as I remember. As a little girl, I would gather every available pillow in the house, pile them into a mountainous shape, blast the air conditioner, and imagine myself scaling Everest like a weathered sherpa. Over the years, I have become less ambitious but visiting the home of the fabled ‘Yeti’, where prayer flags zigzag the a skyline dominated by majestic mountain ranges has grown no less appealing. And now, with the devastation incurred by the earthquake this past April, the urgency for tourists to revive a suffering economy is absolutely imperative.

“If Nepal doesn’t bring a smile to your face everyday, you’re a lost cause. ” — Jack Witts

Mapping Out The Country

wanderlist nepal map

In the aftermath of any natural disaster, planning a trip requires careful planning because of the state-of-affairs on the ground. Some landmarks and whole towns have been reduced to rubble. For the three weeks that we’re there, we’ve engineered a route designed to enjoy the best of Nepal’s culture. Sadly, a trek to Mt. Everest’s base camp was out of the budget this time around but until the next time!

  1. Kathmandu (3-days with a day trip to Pashupatinath and Boudha)
  2. Bhaktapur (10-day homestay)
  3. Bandipur (1-day rest stop)
  4. Pohkara (4-days sightseeing/relaxing)
  5. Chitwan National Park (2-day safari)

    on the itinerary

    wanderlist nepal homestay

    Get an intimate look at the lives of rural Nepalese


    We’ve decided to go the voluntourism route in Nepal. After sifting through a number of expensive volunteering options, we thankfully found the HelpStay option that only will cost $6 a night for full three-meals and a bed in exchange for help reconstructing a fallen temple and some menial garden work. Its advertised as a cultural exchange opportunity which I’m so excited about. HelpStay is driven by the idea of trading help for a place to stay (hence the name). Don’t be detered by the small register of offerings or the annual membership-fee given its a fairly new website with a great mission.

    wanderlist nepal buddhism

    Spend a day or two with monks

    Temple Retreat at a Monastery

    For the most part, Nepal is a spiritual retreat for the wandering soul. I hope to address my issues with being ‘at peace with oneself’ and recenter my chakra.

    wanderlist nepal chitwan

    See the majestic one-horned rhino

    Go on a Safari in Chitwan National Park

    Located in the southern most part of Nepal, this ecologically-diverse biosystem is home to the likes of Bengal Tigers, One-Horned Rhinos, and Asian Elephants.

    wanderlist nepal doshain

    Be festive with a local family

    Celebrate Doshain with a Local Family

    The longest and largest celebration on the Nepalese calendar, this fifteen-day festival (being held from Oct.15-27) celebrates family and the triumph of good over evil.

    wanderlist nepal momo

    Momos are usually filled with buffalo meat

    Find the Best ‘Momo’

    Locate the best food stand that serves up cheapest and freshest Nepalese equivalent of the dumpling. Try it with yak cheese filling.

    wanderlist nepal ultragliding

    See Nepal from a different vantage point

    Go UltraGliding in Pokhara

    See the World Peace Stupa and Fewa Lake from a new vantage point in a small, lightweight aircraft meant to carry two.

    wanderlist nepal massage

    Giving meaningful employment opportunities to the visually impaired

    Get a massage at Seeing Hands

    A clinic that doubles as a charitable organization trains and employs blind massage therapists in support of equal opportunity for the disabled community in Pokhara.

    the next somewhere watch video

    Press play for a highlight reel of my time in Nepal

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