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Looking for things to do in Pokhara? The adventure capital of the Nepal is the gateway to the Himalayas.

To preface, Tim and I visited Nepal five months after the 2015 earthquake. A few hours before our intended journey to Pokhara, our bus ride was canceled leaving us scrambling to find another way to get there. Most material online is irrelevant post-disaster so we were very much left to our own devices. Being in Nepal truly tested our faith in the universe. We lugged our heavy packs and looked around helplessly before a string of kindhearted locals took the time to personally guide us to where we needed to go to find a ride to Pokhara, ultimately bringing us to the infamously chaotic Kathmandu Ring Road. With the help of a policeman with next-to-no English skills, Tim and I managed to squeeze into a past-capacity microbus where I basically was sitting on some stranger’s lap and endured seven loooooong hours of winding, sketchy roads cramped and sweaty. But at least the ride was pretty as we meandered through the lush green mountainsides of Nepal’s landscape, reminding us that there is always something redeeming about any tough experience in Nepal. Here are my top five things to do in Pokhara.

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1. Go bar hopping in Lakeside

Lakeside is what makes Pokhara the tourist hotspot of Nepal. While some deem the road of shops, cafes, and restaurants ostentatious in contrast to its “lakeside” surroundings, sometimes luxury is part of the getaway when one needs a break from all things provincial. There’s no shortage of organic cafes, yoga classes, and adventure-themed stores; you sometimes find yourself in a rut over the availability of options. To make decisions a bit easier, head over to Busy Bee’s Cafe for live music while debating whether Nepal Ice or Everest is your favorite brand and make your way to Godfather’s Pizzeria to eat some decadent and delicious wood oven pizza. For the softest cotton tees printed with Nepal-inspired designs, head to Urban Yeti.

The homestay crew reunite for family dinner at Godfather's Pizzeria

The homestay crew reunite for family dinner at Godfather’s Pizzeria

2. Row your boat across Phewa Lake

Watching the sun paint the sky in pastel-hues as it made its descent behind the Machhapuchhre mountain range in a little rowboat with two goofy guys while sipping on big bottles of Nepal Ice was the best way to end my stay in Pokhara. Phewa Tal, as the freshwater lake is known, is the main attraction in Pokhara. Standing on the water’s edge as you can take in the scenery is nothing short of divine: on clear days, the surrounding mountain ranges (including the white peaks of the Annapurna) glisten as a reflection in the water. You can take a small boat on the lake for about 500 NPR for an hour or hire a boatman to do the hard work for you (price negotiable). Visit the Taal Barahi Temple located on a tiny island in the middle of the lake. Warning: do not go swimming. You’ll see why just by looking at it.

Cost of rowboat: 500 NPR (~$4.5 USD) per hour. You can row it yourself or barter with a boatman. Bring beers to enjoy on the boat.

Go rowing in Pokhara

I kept my life vest on during the whole ride like a dweeb

3. Hike up to See the World Peace Pagoda

One of eighty “Peace Pagodas” erected all around in the world in an effort to inspire peace, a hike up to see the World Peace Stupa will do just that. The white-washed stupa sits serenely on a hilltop overlooking Phewa Lake and houses four gold statues of Buddha in different states of enlightenment. You can either reach the base of the hill by boating across Phewa Lake or traveling through Damside. It’s a forty-five minute trek up so don’t think you can rush through the experience and also wear shoes with grips as the stone steps have gotten smooth and slippery over time. During our ascent, Tim and I were literally stopped in our tracks by two ten-year-old girls who lived on the hillside. After helping them with a few chores, we were welcomed into their homes and offered us some water and coca-cola, demonstrating another moment of exceptional Nepalese hospitality.

Note: You must observe absolute silence near the Peace Stupa. Refrain from talking and be respectful.

You're asked to keep silent as you circle the stupa in Pokhara

You’re asked to keep silent as you circle the stupa

 4. Survive White Water Rafting

As the extreme sport capital of Nepal, you can do almost adventure sport in Pokhara. Mountaineering is the most popular since most hiking/trekking routes begin in Pokhara, but there is a surplus of fun to be had! (Think: paragliding, mountain biking, ultragliding, and rock climbing.) For a thrill ride, we booked a full-day white water rafting excursion with Adrenaline Rush Nepal, which also offer canyoning and kayaking packages. Wemaneuvered 25 kms worth of rapids on the Trisuli River, the most famous river for said activities situated in between Pokhara and Kathmandu The instructor kept the day lighthearted, safe, and action-packed, and even though most of us were beginners, we never felt once out of our comfort zones riding one of the world’s most turbulent rivers. You can also freeshoot the rapids with nothing but your life jacket.

Cost: $60 USD for rafting.
Where? Adrenaline Rush Nepal has its main offices in Thamel, Kathmandu at Chaksibari Marg, inside Complex/Square next to Kathmandu Guesthouse.

Whitewater rafting 3 hours away from Pokhara

Whitewater rafting with our favorite French man, Bertrand

5. Mountain Bike past Damside

While Lakeside is the area most flock to, Damside is just as close to the hustle and bustle of Pokhara sans the heavy foot traffic. The tourist bus park is found on the northern part of Damside but from there, you can get to outlying destinations such as the World Peace Pagoda, Devi’s Waterfalls, and the International Mountain Museum. Just be aware of uneven roadsides and jam-packed roadways.

Tip: Rent a mountain bike for the day (around 200-800 NPR depending how good you bargain) and enjoy the freedom of cruising around independently. Make sure that the bike has a good kickstand and ask for a lock if you feel weary leaving it alone.

The International Mountain Museum in Pokhara

Goofing around at the International Mountain Museum

Honorable mentions

  • There are five Tibetan Refugee Camps scattered around Pokhara. The largest one, Tashi Palkhel, is near the airport. If you want to help supplement the income of a people who have no government assistance and are no rights as citizens, purchase handicrafts and don’t bargain down.
  • Phewa Tal becomes the center of activity mid-morning with boats skimming the water surface while a bunch of paragliders fly overhead; make your way to Sarangkot to see all the action from above.
  • Want cheap and delicious momos? Find them at any of the momo canteens on Phewa Marga right before the boat rental stand
  • The bohemian take on drive-in movies, the Movie Garden right before 3Sisters Trekking, to the right handside, an open-air movie theater that shows old, but popular, movies every night of the week.
  • We found ourselves at the Nepal Organic Cafe on Lakeside Road 6 not once or twice, but three times! due to their phenomenal veggie burgers. And they helped to accommodate my gluten-sensitivity by replacing my buns with two fried eggs. So good!


Hotel Peace Plaza (Lakeside Rd 06, Pokhara 33700, Nepal) On the quieter side of Lakeside is a familyowned and operatedhotel, with clean, well-kept rooms and showers equipped with hot water. There is a tour agency in-house, as well as a restaurant/cafe. That warm shower felt indulgent after ten days of rural living. It’s also right across the legendary Godfather’s Pizza too! Rooms are $14 a night during low season and $31 during high season.

Note: There is no such thing as fixed rates in Nepal. Walking into any hotel and asking to see their rooms before settling on a price is completely appropriate. Since there are so many hotels to choose from, take the time to see what your buying. WIFI is always a bit of problem in Nepal so count on it, even if a hotel advertises its availability.

The inside courtyard of the four-story hotel in Pokhara

The inside courtyard of the four-story hotel

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