Why Sisters Make the Best Travel Companions

Why Sisters Make the Best Travel Companions

Why sisters make the best traveling companions @The Next Somewhere

So why do sisters make the best travel companions?

As an avid traveler, I’ve learned finding a great travel companion is not always the easiest task. My perfect travel companion is someone who can roll with the punches but is not too much of a pushover, enjoys engaging in deep conversation yet is also comfortable with silence, is a team player but can take charge when decisions need to be made, loves to indulge but is practical about expenditures, and is down for anything yet knows when its time to say no. I need someone who can keep me grounded when the going gets tough, who is willing to embrace the newness of everything, and wants to have as much fun as possible! After going over my list of requirements, I’ve come to realize that I’ve been describing my two sisters this whole time.

As my constant companions throughout life, it’s obvious that they’d be the ideal companions on the road. Sure, I’d be lying to say that we’re always happy campers when we’re together. I’ve had some pretty hellacious moments with these two but its never been too catastrophic that we haven’t been able to kiss and make-up. And that’s the beauty of sisterhood: that even with all the drama we serve one another, we can hug it out the end. I’m missing my sisters like crazy right now given the fact that they’re both in Brazil celebrating a milestone birthday —bottoms up baby Dre!— while I’m thousands of miles away in Vietnam. (Boo-hoo, sorta, but not really). But in honor of my baby sister’s big twenty-first birthday, here are ten reasons why sisters make the BEST travel companions!

Sisters Travel Companions Angkor Wat

Meet Mirabella, my sassy sister who never fails to take a good picture!


Sisters Travel Companions Istanbul

And meet Andrea, my lovable sister who never fails to make me laugh!


From my own experiences traveling alone or being with people who aren’t as committed to recording every minute of an adventure, taking photos becomes somewhat of a nuisance. When you have your sisters around, it never feels like an imposition to ask for a photo every minute. It’s actually second nature that someone is cataloging the trip — if not for ourselves, then for mom and dad’s sake. Every moment captured is a way to document our family history. And the best part is that someone always has back-ups just in case phones get stolen or memory cards accidentally get erased!

Sisters Travel Companions Istanbul

At Taksim Square in Istanbul, Turkey


… or in my case, triple! I count myself so incredibly lucky that both of my sisters have a killer sense of style and that they never refuse to share their clothes when we’re traveling. It’s way more practical to just trade clothing instead of overpacking. The woes of a heavy suitcase disappear completely when sisters are in tow. In fact, one of my favorite things about traveling with my sisters is that they style my outfits every day on the road. There’s nothing better than starting the day feeling beautiful because your sisters took the time and effort to make you feel your very best.

Sisters Travel Companions Kuala Lumpur

Enjoying the sunset at Helipad Lounge in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


While there may be times they’re adding to your stress instead of reducing it, they’re mostly trying to help relieve you of your anxieties. Sisters tend to be very emotionally attuned to one another. If someone is sensing tension, it triggers an empathetic reaction in the other(s) and prompts a need to share the burdens. As a person suffering from social anxiety disorder, I can get super stressed-out while I’m traveling. My sisters can immediately sense when I’m feeling overwhelmed and rush to my aid, no matter the circumstance.

Sisters Travel Companions Croatia

Lounging by the ocean in Dubrovnik, Crotia


… meaning they can rightfully assess when something is too much for you handle or, if you’re short-changing yourself. It’s empowering to be supported endlessly but its also comforting to have a fall back when you’re feeling afraid of something. Its important to be in the company of people who have an understanding of your capabilities so doubt doesn’t cripple you but in the same vein, you aren’t endangering yourself. When I was nineteen, I dragged Mira and Andrea on a punishing climb up a volcano in Guatemala. Halfway up, I knew that it was more than I bargained for and Andrea was especially suffering, so I took it upon myself to hire a horse to take her the rest of the way up. I was able to address my mistake and prevent my sister from resenting me because I knew what her limits were.

Sisters Travel Companions Thailand

Climbing Bua Thong Waterfalls in Chiang Mai, Thailand


In respect to all aspects of our lives, I believe that good siblings a) want you to have fun; b) want you to feel good; c) want you to be happy; d) want you to be healthy, and e) want you to succeed. I’ve seen sisters and brother move mountains if its in their power to do so, to ensure that these hopes are achieved. The benefit of having a sister as a travel companion is you have someone who genuinely cares for your overall well-being. When my sisters and I travel together, we become very doting of one another, almost to the point of coddling. As travel companions, sisters become more responsible of one another since we are personally invested in each other’s welfare.

Sisters Travel Companions Bosnia

Drinking the holy water at Blagaj, Bosnia


No matter how close you are to someone, there’s always the fear that offense will be taken, especially while you’re traveling. I’ve seen the strongest friendships crumble because of some mishap on the road. With a sister as your traveling partner, you don’t have to walk on eggshells just to keep the peace. As sisters, you have had a lifetime to learn how to settle your difference. Also, if sh** hits the fan, they’re kinda stuck with you forever so its more in their favor to forgive and forget. When I’m not up for something, I don’t have to lie to my sisters. When I’m angry about something, I don’t have to suppress my frustrations. It’s healthy to be on an adventure where you can be more of yourself as opposed to the person your traveling partner wants you to be.

Sisters Travel Companions Croatia

A perfect day at Plitvice National Park in Croatia


Let’s be real: who hasn’t dreamed of being an Arabian princess??? Even with an angry Turkish photographer criticizing our inability to “smize** like we meant it,” we didn’t back down from a once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity! Now who else would convince you that putting on a smelly head scarf worn by millions of tourists in a musty underground reservoir would be a good idea? Your sisters have seen you make a fool of yourself a bunch of times. Chances are they’re used to it by now or you’re used to the judgement. Either way, they want you to have fun and they’re probably enduring the humiliation right beside you (see picture below).

**where you smile… using only your eyes – a term coined by diva-queen Tyra Banks of America’s Next Top Model

Sisters Travel Companions Istanbul

Dressing-up as Sultanas at the Basilica Cistern in Istanbul, Turkey


Footlong doner kebabs in Turkey, sketchy roadside pupusas in Guatemala, questionable conveyer belt sushi in Poland… okay, okay, so new things don’t always entail foodfoodfood (… maybe to the Pulido girls it does…). But the general statement is true: when we’re surrounded by people we are comfortable with, it’s easier to be goaded out of our comfort zones. It’s hard to try new things alone. But sisters provide the camaraderie we need to face the new and unfamiliar. Sisters are masters at the art of persuasion ie. use copious amounts of flattery, drop words of encouragement here and there, hype-up the fun, and go the guilt-trip route. Also, sisters usually don’t want to leave each other behind so they’re bound to accompany you whether or not they want to.

Sisters Travel Companions Istanbul

Foot-long doners in Anatolia, the eastern side of Istanbul


Its an uncontested truth that when you’re on the road with family, they will take care of you no matter the cost. When we were children, our travel expenses were covered by our parents. They not only wanted us to see the world, but ultimately, grow closer as a family. My sisters and I shared everything on these trips: a bed, clothes, food, souvenirs, photos, and most importantly, these memories of places that we may never return to. Because of our upbringing, in adulthood, we’ve continue to give to one another graciously and generously. My sisters never fail to amaze me with their thoughtfulness on our trips: they’ve paid for my massages, covered my meals, and even treated me to shopping sprees in the past! These actions speak volumes when you take into consideration that our trips (flights, transportation, food, etc.) are all covered by our own hard-earned cash. Now that’s love.

Sisters Travel Companions Bangkok

Cooling off with Thai Iced Teas in Bangkok, Thailand


When you have a sister as your travel companion, you’ll never be alone. They’ve been with you through thick and thin so when you’re on the road together, they will always have your back in times of need. The act of traveling is like being on an emotional rollercoaster — one minute you could be at your highest high, checking off a bucket list item you’ve only ever dreamed of and in a blink of an eye, you could be at your lowest low, having been mugged with no way to recover your lost belonging. In these ordeals, they will be laughing and crying with you. They won’t bat an eye if they have to defend your honor. You have your cheerleader/voice of reason/bodyguard/girl-friend/best friend neatly packaged in the form of a sister. The universe has created the perfect companion to follow you not only on your life journey, but also your journey around the world.

Sisters Travel Companions Sarajevo

Overlooking all of Sarajevo, Bosnia

As the years pass, I’ve seen the dynamics in my household shift. We’ve begun to move onto the next chapters of our lives — but in separate directions. I’ve been based abroad for the past two years; Mira is on the verge her college graduation and is finishing up her last semester of school in Brazil; and Andrea is a few months away from embarking on her college study abroad. The only time we can remedy geographic estrangement with one another is during our trips together. As the physical distance widens between us, we find ourselves growing more nostalgic of the times –and places– we once shared. It is during my walks down memory lane that I’ve been able to grasp how much my sisters have been there for me and were the fundamental piece to all my best trips.From Bosnia to Belize, Turkey to Thailand and where to next, I daresay. All that’s sure is that I have not one, but two of the BEST travel companions, and they’re mine for a lifetime ♥

Sisters Travel Companions Croatia

Touring Old Town in Dubrovnik. Croatia

👉 Any readers feel the same way? Share a picture of you and your sisters traveling together in the comments below!

Millette Pulido is a Bay Area-based, Boston-bred Filipina who loves to vagabond. At 29, the former expat has traded in her nomadic ways for a semi-grounded life in San Jose, CA. These days, she's focusing on balancing travel with a full-time job, all while planning her 2019 destination wedding in Oaxaca, Mexico. She lives for good times, good food, and good peeps. Find out her #wheretonext on Instagram @thenextsomewhere.


  1. Megan Indoe

    16 March

    Aw, this post is really sweet! I’m not going to lie I am a bit jealous of you and your sisters relationships! I have an older sister, and she’s awesome, but we have a bit if an age difference so we never really were that close. Also, no one in my family is interested in travel besides me! As a matter of fact they think I am crazy for wanting to go to other places, haha a continuous struggle to try and explain why I am so attracted to travel! I always go to places thinking it would be fun if my family were here to enjoy this with me, but I know there’s no way in hell that’s going to happen! lol You and your sisters look so fun and cute together! Also, I can’t really borrow Scott’s clothes, so my wardrobe will be the same old stuff 🙁 hahahaha

    • Izzy Pulido

      23 March

      What’s your age difference between you and your sister? I have a little brother and we’re 12 years apart. I’m always thinking about how hard it must be for him to have three older sisters who are so close to one another and what that must feel like… Wait, no one in your family travels?!? That’s so crazy to wrap my mind around since I view you as someone who’s been raised to vagabond! But then again, look at how you’re paving the road for others who are in the same boat — people hankering to get out but no one else has done it around them so I really salute you for chronicling your journey so that others out there can see that its possible for them too! Maybe you and Scott could have a destination wedding *hehe, too soon :P* which would force your family to get on out there! And come on girl, we can borrow our men’s flannel shirts and make it our own! Well Tim is a simple-kind-of-guy so he would pack lightly thus giving me more space to fit my junk as well 😛

  2. Betsy Manzelli

    16 March

    Pure love!

  3. Gina

    17 March

    I loved this post! You and your sisters are so beautiful and fashionable! I loved looking at all your stunning pictures and reading what you wrote. My favorite part was when you talked about the Turkish photographer who tried to make you smize. Hahahaha.

    • Izzy Pulido

      23 March

      Awww, thanks boo! My sisters need to take credit for all my outfits though! Seriously, I’m at least wearing one item of clothing belonging to them in every single picture. LOLOLOLOL do you know how scary it is to be yelled at by a Turkish man because your eyes are not expressive enough? The Turks can’t relate! All their women are so drop-dead gorgeous with their almond eyes. Those are the kind of eyes that are MADE to smize!

  4. Eric

    20 March

    Great post, but I guess I can’t comment because I have two…brothers, haha. Don’t know what it’s like traveling with sisters, but I gotta say that I used to love travelling with my brothers (especially because of reasons 4,6, and 8). It’s too bad that we are all married and grown up now, and that they are both in the USA and I’m in Korea, because I rarely get to see them, and when I do it’s not like solo traveling. Someday I’d like to travel with them like you have with your two sisters! Great writing, thanks for sharing!

    • Izzy Pulido

      23 March

      I didn’t mean to make this post so gender-bias but I’m glad to hear that some of the reasons resonate with your own siblings. We have a younger brother (the only boy in the family) and I’d like to think that these reasons apply to him as well (even the wardrobe expansion because of the tiny, lanky Asian boy that he is — we steal his shirts :P). You are going to have that someday with your brothers and it will be like old times I’m sure. Have they had the chance to visit you in Korea yet?

  5. Wendy

    20 March

    I don’t have a sister. I only have a brother whose work brings him all over the world. The only person left is my husband who was my boyfriend since I was 20. But I can’t swap clothes with him, haha! Kudos to your parents who gave you so much to remember with your sisters. I’m sure your next get-together with your sisters will be full of fun and laughter and amazing photos! Cheers!

    • Izzy Pulido

      23 March

      But the hubby I’m sure shares his luggage allowance with you 😉 Yes, so grateful for parents who raised us to be close with one another. You know how it is as Filipinos: family first! But my dad worked in the airline industry and his biggest passion was travel and my mom worked abroad in Saudi and has traveled extensively as well so traveling has played a very big role throughout my life. I cannot wait for that next time! My family’s planning to visit me in Vietnam for Christmas which I’m praying works out!

  6. This was such a great post to read, and I am extremely jealous that I don’t have a sister to travel with..although I travel with my brother and he’s equally fun and carries all my stuff! I found it interesting that they help to manage stress levels…I find my brother doesn’t help when I’m stressed; he adds fuel to the fire!

    • Izzy Pulido

      23 March

      Dude brothers are the best! I saw the pic of you and your brother celebrating your birthday together! That’s awesome that he’s a gentleman and carries your stuff around… you raised him right 😉 Oh man, my sisters stress me out — they definitely know that — but they’re the only ones who can calm me down which is ironic. Then again, women are very sensitive to other women’s mood shifts. We’re all natural keepers of the peace! Men are sometimes clueless! 😛

  7. Cristina

    23 March

    First, you three are too cute. Second, I totally agree that siblings are the best companions for all the reasons you mentioned and more. Third, you made me miss not just my sister but my whole family. I’ve been travelling for four months now (South America) with only one month and a bit to go and one of the things I realised during this time is that I need to spend more time with them. And I will. Thanks for the inspiring post.

    • Izzy Pulido

      23 March

      Thank you for stopping by the blog Cristina! As a visitor, your thoughtful comment means a lot to me! Its true what they say: absence makes the heart grow fonder. Every time I find myself on the road, I wish I had my family nearby so that they too could share in these incredible experiences. Enjoy the remaining month and I hope that your reunion with your loved ones will be filled with so much joy!!!

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