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  • We got our first visitor here in Vietnam! Thank you Wendy for flying to us from Korea and for all the Korean friends that followed soon after: Ilmarie, Jeremy, Cait, Maria, and another Cait!
  • Reunited with Solen of Eatravels who I had met in India here in Saigon.
  • Organized a Digital Nomad Girls event in Saigon under the title Saigon Social. Read more about it here.
  • All the way from LA, Natasha, my Florence soul sister, spent a weekend with us as a quick stop on her Philippines trip.


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STOP DAYDREAMING, IT’S TOO HOT FOR THAT, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam @ 1:38 pm


March in Review Good Reads


“How can you teach something as innate as taste?  I remember reading that when Gordon Ramsay decided to become a chef, the first thing he had to learn was how to taste. It was something he had never done. At least not properly. Whereas every Vietnamese person grows up learning to taste. Not just the chefs.

Synopsis: Blogger-turned-journalist Graham Holiday takes us on a culinary journey throughout Vietnam in his debut writing effort. Straying away from the Western penchant for fine dining , Holiday escorts us to the backstreets of Hanoi and Saigon in order to find the best of Vietnam’s street eats. His narrative dates back to the earlier years in his life to when he saw a picture of Hanoi that inspired him to move around the globe. Arriving in Hanoi, he began to chronicle his food finds which led him on an epic quest to sample the country’s finest gems in its unrefined settings. Ultimately, he discovers just how vital street food is to the Vietnamese identity. Eating Viet Nam will speak to anyone yearning for a taste of adventure.

I’m not a huge fan of Anthony Bourdain’s talk shows but what I will applaud the man for is his literary expertise, both his own talent and his ability to find talent. Eating Viet Nam has been my bible navigating Saigon’s food scene. I’m a huge proponent of eating street food and I have been impressed at how on point each of Holiday’s recommendations have been. Some of the places he suggests are a bit outdated but the dishes that he plugs are some of the best I have eaten during my time here. I feel like a connoisseur being able to identify menu items most foreigners are clueless about. I really enjoyed his in-depth look at the history behind each dish although some of the chapters felt like they dragged due to his excessively precise walk-through of particular events. But I appreciate how comprehensive the read was and thankful for the knowledge he imparts. His memoir spoke to me as a fellow blogger since he touches base (minimally) on a bit of his blogging history so for any bloggers out there wanting to read about success stories and get some sound advice from a popular blogger, this book is a two-in-one!  For those making their way to Vietnam anytime soon and considers themselves a “foodie,” this addition to your bag will only enrich your travels. Bon appetit!

rating ✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪✪


  • “On my holiday to Goa in India, I was disgusted to find that almost every restaurant served curry. I don’t like spicy food.” Get a good laugh in (or ten) with this 19 Funniest Travel Complaints list that will have you flabbergasted at these fantastically absurd woes.
  • When the world of Havana become your stage as photographer has shown in his mesmerizing photo series, capturing ballet dancers performing their art in the streets.
  • Traveling to Sweden? Sweden’s tourism association just launched the “Swedish Number” connecting you to any random Swede in the country for some local knowledge. Now that’s what you call hospitality!
  • With music festival season in full force, flower crowns are more than just a Coachella statement in Ukraine. #themoreyouknow
  • Yes, yes, the United States has a bad rep for its “we have everything attitude” but for those who can’t afford overseas travel, here are 10 American cities that won’t be as ball-busting on the wallet, but still satiate your wanderlust needs.

 UP NEXT MONTH: Making friends in Vietnam xoxo Izzy


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  • Amy

    May 13, 2016

    Great round-up, I love getting a snapshot of my old home through your posts 🙂 It looks like everything is going great!


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