The 2016 Traveler’s Holiday Gift Guide Part ...

The 2016 Traveler’s Holiday Gift Guide Part Two

Ho-ho-ho! The 2016 Traveler’s Holiday Gift Guide Part Two provides twenty-five more gifts rounding out a list of 50 ideas!  Also, in this series, you’ll find a special give away partnering up with L’Usine in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Check out #26 and scroll all the way down to see how to enter.

L'Usine for 2016 Christmas Gift Guide @ The Next Somewhere

26. L’Usine Travel Notebook Collection

L’Usine is the premiere concept store in Ho Chi Minh City and just a few months ago, they released a DIY travel  notebook collection. In this range of five notebooks, you can create your own travel guides based on your personal travel experiences covering the areas of hotels, markets, shops, cafes/restaurants, and museums/sights. Look back on that hidden gelateria down a small alleyway in Tuscany or that magical riad you stayed out in Marrakesh with no details missing. Each notebook in the series is valued at 289,000 VND (approx.  $12.75). In stock for a limited time only. Win one below!

Cloth Thy Neighbor as Yourselffor 2016 Christmas Gift Guide @ The Next Somewhere

27. The Luke Fedora by CYNY

In partnership with Socality, a non-profit dedicated to mobilizing Christian changemakers, the Luke Fedora is a unisex hat made from 100% salvaged wool and sweatshop-free. The fedora comes with a removable leather tie accent and a temporary tattoo and free decal. Best of all, this hat is crush-safe and won’t deform when you pack it. On sale for $69.99.

Nordlys for 2016 Christmas Gift Guide @ The Next Somewhere

28. Nordlys Aurora Borealis

Nordlys, the Norwegian word for the ‘Northern Lights,’ this candle made in Demark is inspired by the aurora borealis. Light the candle and imagine the symphony of warm, ethereal lights dancing across the tundras of Norse mythology. Buy one candle for 35 ($37.36).

Accompany for 2016 Christmas Gift Guide @ The Next Somewhere

29. Batik Flamingos Batik Crew

Created by the Industry of All Nations, this crew shirt is part of an initiative originating from Southern India to create sustainable apparel. The pocket crew features traditional hot wax stamped printing on hand-dyed fabric produced in Tamil Nadu, India that assures that no natural resources were harmed in the process of dying. $46 for one shirt.

Fat Rice for 2016 Christmas Gift Guide @ The Next Somewhere

30. The Adventures of Fat Rice: Recipes from the Chicago Restaurant Inspired by Macau

Cult favorite restaurant Fat Rice has released a beautiful graphic compilation of Macau’s foodways with classic Macanese recipes like Minchi (meat hash) and Arroz Gordoz (a paella-fried rice hybrid) to recreate in your own kitchen. Now on sale at Amazon for $25.23.

Modcloth for 2016 Christmas Gift Guide @ The Next Somewhere

31. Seine Me a Postcard Travel Wallet by DisasterDesigns

An airmail-inspired faux leather wallet will be your number one companion on a trip overseas. The postage design opens up into a filing cabinet assembly with everything you need to keep your cash, tickets, cards and passport in order. Buy for $44.99 on Modcloth.

Moon Juice for 2016 Christmas Gift Guide @ The Next Somewhere

32. Moon Dust Sampler

 The latest health craze in the States was produced to keep your health in mind on the go. Each Moon Dust powder is geared to enhance your beauty, sleep, mental activity, strength, spirit, and sexual drive. Add one (or two teaspoons to increase potency) to 8oz of hot or cold liquid and wait for the magic to happen. Bring it on your travels to be at your best in all situations. The sampler box is currently out of stock (usually $30) but you can preview the full collection here for $175.

Amsterdam Necklace for 2016 Christmas Gift Guide @ The Next Somewhere

33. Amsterdam Necklace

This elegant skyline necklace of Amsterdam will make you standout in any crowd. Using special etching technology, the makers behind this piece bring unique, sentimental patterns to life. You can also personalize your own necklace to feature any skyline of your choice. It’s a perfect gift for those who love to keep home close. Necklace starts at $57. Comes in the styles of Berlin, Milan, Barcelona, and Jerusalem. Use the code ‘CHRISTMAS 30’ for an extra 30% off!

Amazon for 2016 Christmas Gift Guide @ The Next Somewhere

34. Camera Lens Thermos

Any photography enthusiast will enjoy this lens shaped thermos. The stainless steel mug copycats the smallest details of a Canon lens and has been reviewed as scarily uncanny to the real thing. Buy now for $9.99.

Urban Outfitters for 2016 Christmas Gift Guide @ The Next Somewhere

35. ‘Told You So’ Duvet Cover

Representing the world as the colorful, fantastic patchwork it is, this duvet covered was exclusively made by Bianca Green, a Brazilian color addict, vagabonding throughout the world. Snuggle up in this sweet comforter and fall into sleep enveloped by the destinations of your dreams. Comes in Twin XL, Full/Queen, and King from $129-169.

Uncommon Goods for 2016 Christmas Gift Guide @ The Next Somewhere

36. Planisphere Watch

Calling all astrologers and astronomers. Mapping the night sky, never has stargazing been so convenient. The glowing Swiss dial is perfect for those all night escapades in the dark. Water resistant with a sporty rubber wristband and steel accents. Buy now for $64.

ModCloth for 2016 Christmas Gift Guide @ The Next Somewhere

37. When It Range, It Pours Flask

A beautiful marriage between wood and stainless steel, the artfully illustrated flask with a denim-hued pouch is a great accompaniment to any outdoorsy tramping. Buy on Modcloth for $29.99.

The Baltic Club for 2016 Christmas Gift Guide @ The Next Somewhere

38. Wall Art World Map

Thoughtfulness is best expressed in uniqueness. This hand drawn world map printed on matte paper is a fully illustrated compilation of all 197 countries along with darling details like whales swimming in the sea. Is available in English or French. Comes in two different sizes starting from $50 CAD (approx. $38.)

Fitness Kit for 2016 Christmas Gift Guide @ The Next Somewhere

39. F1 Fitness Kit

 Sometimes while vacationing, our better habits fall to the wayside. This handy kit including an exercise manual, a lightweight jump rope, and a bundle of resistance bands with different measures of resistance, is the best fitness accompaniment. Best of all, these items come neatly packaged in an expandable navy gym backpack. $48 for the complete kit.

Majestic Disorder for 2016 Christmas Gift Guide @ The Next Somewhere

40. ‘Majestic Disorder’ Subscription

A new crop of print magazine, Majestic Disorder is an independent line focused on arts and culture, targeting the nomadic creative community. The editorial content is globally driven, exploring the arenas of culture, art, film, travel, and fashion aligned with ethnic diversity, positive body image, and sustainability. Issues 8 on sale for £7.99 (approx. $10.) Issues available for back order.

Juan Miguel Marin for 2016 Christmas Gift Guide @ The Next Somewhere

41. Ecuador Earthquake Lithograph

In April of 2016, a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake ripped through Ecuador. In an effort to rehabilitate a broken community, artist Juan Miguel Marin created an abstract lithograph of the earthquake. The date and magnitude of the earthquake appear at the bottom of the lithograph. All proceeds from this sale will go help the children of small town of Portoviejo. $75 for one print.

Village and Wild for 2016 Christmas Gift Guide @ The Next Somewhere

42. ‘Live New Lands’ Water Bottle

From the brand ‘Village and Wild’ comes a sporty water bottle that celebrates the spirit of adventuring. The bottle is responsibly sourced from recycled materials. A portion of the proceeds from this ‘Made in the USA’ product goes to reintegration of US veterans into American society, as well as sustainability. Share photos of your new hardware on the road for a chance to be featured on their social media channels. Buy for $28.50.

Chronicle Books for 2016 Christmas Gift Guide @ The Next Somewhere

43. Experience Passport

Want to journal better on trips but have a hard time knowing where to start? The “Experience Passport” starts the writer off with a series of travel-related prompts that will inspire exploration and encourage cataloging. The colorful pages come with super-fun stickers as well. Originally with $9.99, now on sale for $6.99.

Apolis for 2016 Christmas Gift Guide @ The Next Somewhere

44. Customize Your City Series Market Bag

While advertised as a market tote, this burlap tote by Apolis is a true investment–both on a moral and adventuring capacity. Each Bangladesh-made bag is lined with waterproof lining and can be customized to feature your local coordinates. The bag is produced in a fair trade workshop employing Bengali mothers . Buy one for $68. Bulk purchases are discounted

Tory Burch for 2016 Christmas Gift Guide @ The Next Somewhere

45. Tory Burch Foundation Seed Box

In tune with the season of giving, the Tory Burch Foundation has curated a bundle of seven products–including a handwoven clutch, sea salt and clay cleanse, toxin-free nail lacquer, minimalist necklace, drinking chocolate, a knit headband, and a gold foil notebook—all made by women entrepreneurs. 100% of the proceeds benefit the Tory Burch Foundation. The box including the full list of items is $98.

Herb Lester for 2016 Christmas Gift Guide @ The Next Somewhere

46. Traveler’s Playing Cards

From what I’ve learned from my boyfriend, playing cards are one of the best ways to keep entertained on long travels or bringing people together. This deck ups the ante and showcases 54 useful and modern phrases in English, French, and Spanish. Doubling as personal translator, use these cards to bridge language barriers.  £12.00 (approx. $15) for one deck.

Birksun for 2016 Christmas Gift Guide @ The Next Somewhere47. Birksun Solar Powered Backpack

The biggest concern for travel techies is powering up in remote locations. Now introducing the Birksun solar powered bag, great for beaches, hiking, music festivals, and simply being on the go while traveling international. This badboy charges itself using the power harnessed from the sun.  Featured in California Blue for $129. Comes in several styles and colors.

Scoutmob for 2016 Christmas Gift Guide @ The Next Somewhere

48. Yosemite National Print

49. Sake Making Kit

Don’t have time to visit Kobe’s legendary breweries? Now you can pursue an individual exploration of this time-honoured brewing method originating from 8th century Japan. With all the components supplied including a fermenting bucket, a gallon glass carboy, siphons, and yeast energizer, DIY libations has never been easier. $57 for the complete kit.

Etsy for 2016 Christmas Gift Guide @ The Next Somewhere

50. Cityscape Skyline Paris Ring

Wearing this on your ring finger is a bold statement of your marital status to the world. This plated brass knickknack showcases miniatures of the Eiffel Tower and the Arce de Triomphe. Adjustable between a 7US to a 9US ring size.
Buy now for $13. Comes in pink gold, silver, and gold.



Open to all residents worldwide. Two winners will be announced and receive one of the listed notebooks. The arrival time of the parcel is subject postal conditions. Multiple entries encouraged. Must be willing to offer valid mailing address to receive item. Prize is transferable. Cannot be exchanged for cash money. For any questions, please contact me here.
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  1. Lindsay

    3 December

    This list is definitely right up my alley! I can’t decide between the duvet cover, the the travel notebooks or the travel wallet!! Fabulous list!!

  2. Great list! Definitely some creative things on here… like that solar powered backpack! Awesome! That travel wallet is so cute! And the city necklaces! I’m thinking about buying that Paris ring for my niece. I promised her I’d take her to Paris when she graduates. Each birthday or Christmas since she turned 13 last May I’ve been giving her some euros and a little Paris themed gift. That is perfect!

  3. Being a minimalist traveler, I think the only gift I would love to have there is the Camera Lens thermos. I would love to dispose all my tumblers in exchange of that thermos. LOL. Interesting list 😀

  4. Nicole

    4 December

    Aww this is a super cute gift list! I love that you have supported so many independent retailers and featured mostly sustainable products. Amazing! I loooovveee the bed spread. If only I had a home to put it in hahaha. Life goals! xx

  5. Rocio Cadena

    4 December

    What a great list!! I want so many of the items here but especially the duvet. I told myself I would be good with Xmas presents and stick to a budget but I might have to break that rule now!

  6. Nicky Kim

    4 December

    Fantastic graphics! I just adore your editing style! The list is super creative, a lot of things that are necessary and also just beautiful splurges. I would like any of these gifts, but I’m super curious about that ‘moon dust’. haha

  7. Wendy

    4 December

    Izzy, you’re amazing! I wish to win… any! Hahahaha! Did you partner with all of them? You make a lot of things a possibility. Best of luck to you, girl!

  8. Hedgers Abroad

    5 December

    Just starting all my Christmas shopping and this list is perfect! Honestly want some of these for myself haha! That flask though is pretty sweet.

  9. Ana Park

    5 December

    This is a great list ~ because I don’t think I can find similar items on my own even if I’d say that I enjoy giving unique gifts. The moon dust sampler is interesting and that is something I wouldn’t look for by myself. Joined the raffle ~

  10. Matthew Collamer

    5 December

    Great list! I really like the camera lens thermos…I’ve seen them before, and I always thought they were cool! The fitness kit looked interesting, as I think it’s important to maintain your fitness while on the road. I’m also super interested in the journal with travel prompts…that sound like it’s up my alley. Awesome work, Izzy!

  11. This is perfect! There’s truly something for everyone on this list. I’m, of course, naturally partial to the bedding, the art, and the jewelry. I wish there were more necklaces like the Amsterdam one as I’d have one for every outfit and destination!

  12. Alla

    5 December

    What in the world – Moon Dust?!?! Is that legal haha 🙂 I’ve entered the contest, in hopes that some magic moon dust comes in my package 🙂 Have you tried/tasted/experienced this magic powder?

  13. Jackie

    5 December

    Oh my gosh! I also just started doing my gift list, haha. But mine is mostly kiddie-made. These are really cute, though! My favorite is probably your food book Fat Rice, I had no idea it was a popular book! I have never seen it on any bookshelf before, and I’ve been to quite a few bookstores! I hope to see a copy of that in Beijing, soon! 🙂

  14. Paige Wunder

    6 December

    Too much fun! You know I entered any way I could for those notebooks! You have so many fun things on your gift guide and I’m hoping to see that Matt has a few of them under the christmas tree in a few weeks! 😉

  15. I love your graphics always. It makes shopping a bit more exciting. That adventures of fat rice book looks so fun.

  16. Izzy, I will be reading the adventures of the fat rice while adorning myself with the Amsterdam necklace. Wouldn’t that be just amazing?

    Quite the list you have compiled and as Sarah, I also love your graphics!

  17. Nisha

    6 December

    Wonderful list. Now I am in a fix! Which one I like the best. Lots of fun things to choose from. 🙂

  18. Meg Jerrard

    6 December

    Some fabulous ideas! I love the ‘Told You So’ Duvet Cover – such an amazing patchwork! Though really, get me anything with an imprint of a world map and I’m golden 😀

  19. Raksha

    7 December

    It’s a great list and a great idea for Christmas presents. I would definitely want the postcard travel wallet I think it’s pretty cool. Thanks for collating them and since I am going home I will probably buy some of these as great presents.

  20. Rebecca

    8 December

    this is a great list! Especially like the Tory Burch pack and the Experience Passport. Might have to get that one for myself 😉

  21. Bobbi Brown

    9 December

    These are so cool! My daughter would absolutely love these for Christmas!

  22. Matt Wunder

    9 December

    I’m not going to lie, my wife twisted my arm a bit to enter this contest, BUT these are some really great ideas, and I see from her comment up there (My wife is Paige, if you didn’t know) that she’s expecting something from this list under the tree! Haha

  23. Cory Brown

    9 December

    Those journals are awesome!

  24. jessica

    12 December

    I was pretty skeptical when I started to look at your list. Usually there is nothing that appeals to me in these travelers gift lists. But you have some interesting items and won me over with some of them. Great list!

  25. Claire Summers

    13 December

    Great list! I NEED the solar powered backpack. The travel cards look great too….and the journals. Who am I kidding I want it all haha

  26. A great list you have made here. I like the thought of receiving the Sake Making Kit, It would really bring back memories. Thanks for sharing this list of ideas. I will put it on my Christmas list 🙂

  27. Mike

    14 December

    Great list! I love the travel map. Its such a fun thing to color in with whoever gave you the gift.

  28. Nathan

    15 December

    Great list! It’s really comprehensive. There are lots of things on here I would love.

  29. I must say I love the recipe book and the world map duvet but we can’t have it all!!

  30. Punita Malhotra

    16 December

    I would really love it someone gifted me the Experience Passport..such a fun thing to have. But this list has something for everyone’s taste.

  31. Sandy N Vyjay

    17 December

    Awesome gifting idea! each stuff is so creative. Would love to gift some stuff for myself. specially the dovet cover.

  32. Gypsycouple

    20 December

    A wonderful gift list for sure. We’ll confess to clicking more than one time to see if it was something we could get for ourselves 🙂 thanks for sharing

  33. Liana

    22 December

    This is such a great and wonderful gift guide! I’ll confess, there are so much things I definitely want from that list and i’ve been clicking a lot! Thanks for sharing tho!

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