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Presenting things to do in Kansas City, Missouri according to Elizabeth of Seis Matters.

Although I grew up in London, I spent summers in Kansas City, where my dad lived. It’s quite a liberal town, you’d be surprised.
Hayley Atwell

Settled in the heart of the Midwest, Kansas City straddles the state line of Kansas and Missouri. Many will argue the merits and disadvantages of both sides, but both hold quite a bit of potential. If you are thinking to yourself, There’s nothing to do there, why would I ever want to visit a fly-over state, I am here to tell you that you’ve been greatly misinformed. Kansas City offers a plethora of options for the cultural junkies, the foodies, the sports fanatics, and the partyers. You will see the spirit of the Kansas Citians and appreciate their passion for the land they roam. You will feel the special charm that echoes the walls of the city. You might even experience all four seasons in one day. You will learn to love a place with such a unique atmosphere; it will steal your heart whole, and you will ache to return.

kansas city missouri whereabouts

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1. Watch a game (or two) at one of the many stadiums

Have a favorite game you love to watch? Chances are that Kansas City’s got what you’re looking for. Need some baseball? Head over to Kauffman Stadium to see the Kansas City Royals. They just recently won the MLB World Series in 2015. Aching for some true American football? Check out the Kansas City Chiefs in Arrowhead Stadium, which still holds the Guinness World Record for the loudest stadium in the world at 142.2 decibels. Despite their overall track record, they’ve been doing well just recently. Fancy a game of soccer instead? Check out Sporting Kansas City at Children’s Mercy Park, a recently new MLS team that has a handful of Cup Titles in the bag. Either way you look at it, Kansas City has a plethora of professional sports venues for one to experience.

Where? Kauffman Stadium on 1 Royal Way. Arrowhead Stadium on 1 Arrowhead Dr.

kansas city missouri whereabouts

Elizabeth and her husband and friends at a Chiefs game.

kansas city missouri whereabouts

Inside the Arrowheads Stadium

2. Grab a beer at Boulevard Brewing Co.

Founded in 1989,

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Boulevard Brewing Company has grown to be one of the largest and well known specialty breweries in the Midwest. They are specifically known for their beloved Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat Beer, the flagship Boulevard Pale Ale, and the hearty Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale. They have a variety of tours available from a free walking tour, a reserved tasting, or even a private tour for parties. Although being from the Midwest I may be completely biased, but I truly believe these are some of the best beers I have ever tried. I highly recommend this place to any Cerevisaphile (lover of beer) in your life.

Where? 2501 Southwest Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64108

kansas city missouri brewing company

The exterior facade of Boulevard Brewing Company. Photo taken by Mr. Bell/Flicker

3. Kansas City BBQ – need I say more?

Arguably (well, and it’s a fact) you will find the best BBQ in the world in Kansas City. It’s just what Kansas City DOES – they make amazing BBQ. It is an absolute MUST when visiting this part of the Midwest. Some places I recommend are Joe’s Kansas City (there’s one in Lenexa and one in Kansas City, KS) – try the Z-man sandwich and the brisket. Make sure to get there early as it’s always packed. Other places I highly recommend are Gates and Arthur Bryant’s. While Gatesis incredibly tasty and has many locations all over KC, Arthur Bryant’s has developed into a fun and must-do tourist attraction and is well known throughout the country. Many of the locals fight over which one is better. Honestly, there are so many tasty places all over Kansas City, it’s hard to go wrong.

Where? Joe’s Kansas City is at 3002 West 47th Avenue; Gates is at 1325 Emanuel Cleaver II Blvd; and Arthur Bryant’s is at 1727 Brooklyn Ave.

kansas city missouri joes barbecue

Calling all meat lovers! This has Andrew Zimmern’s stamp of approval. Photo taken by Andrew Zimmern

4. Dive into world-class museums

There are three museums in particular that I highly recommend – the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, and the National World War I Museum and Memorial. For lovers of art history, definitely check out the first two. While the Kemper focuses on recent works (thus contemporary), the Nelson’s collection spans over 5000 years of history. The Nelson also, ironically enough, has one of the most extensive and largest Asian art collections in the entire world. It’s definitely a treat to the eyes. The National World War I Museum and Memorial stands as the nation’s only public museum dedicated to WWI. It’s filled with photography, weapons, and more. Don’t forget to take a photo of the iconic monument with the Kansas City skyline in the background, – it makes for a memorable moment. If you’re looking for a free activity, the Nelson-Atkins has no admission cost.

kansas city missouri kemper museum

A snapshot of cafe life at Kemper Museum. Photo taken by Expedia

5. Hit the town for Kansas City nightlife

Love going out and having a great time? The options in Kansas City are endless. There are many popular districts to check out if you’re new to the area. The most popular districts are

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Power & Light and Westport. Power and Light is a new eight-block neighbor in the heart of downtown Kansas City. While you will run into many Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties at P&L, be prepared to spend a little bit more money. Westport is Kansas City’s oldest entertainment district as it marked the passage into the Western Frontier. Here is where you may run into more locals catching a sports game or having a fun night out on the town. A newer area to check out is the Crossroad District near downtown. There are lots of little bars and restaurants, two of which have been featured on Diners, Drive Inns, and Dives. It’s got the atmosphere of downtown without the crazy high prices! Be sure to check out Nightlife KC for more info on events for specific dates.

kansas city missouri whereabouts

Elizabeth and her friends at Power and Light

Honorable Mentions

  • Worlds of Fun on 4545 Worlds of Fun Ave is an amusement park suitable for all ages.
  • Opened since 1914, Union Station at30 W Pershing Road hosts exhibits, movies, restaurants, and a science center in a historic train station.
  • If you’re looking to get some shopping done, check out The Country Club Plaza on 4706 Broadway Blvd, a high-end American shopping center with many delicious restaurants, check it out during the colder months to see the Christmas lights
  • Feeling up for an easy day trip? Check out The University of Kansas in the historic and upbeat college town of Lawrence  and drive through KU’s campus. You won’t regret it.
kansas city missouri joes barbecue

The Kansas City Skyline at night.

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Born and raised in Kansas (Rock Chalk Jayhawk), Elizabeth Seis currently lives in South Korea with her husband. With a degree in Art History and nowhere to use it, she longs of working in museums, opening up a tea room, and traveling all over the world. She currently does some writing (both freelance and novel), English tutoring, and living up the Crazy Cat Lady status. Elizabeth can usually be found reading a book, exploring new worldly cuisine, or partying it up with her best friends. Read about her life overseas over at Seis Matters and check out her Instagram too!

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👉 Special thanks to Elizabeth for revealing her insider tips in Kansas City. What’s something that piques your interest in Kansas City? Comment below!

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  • March 9, 2017

    I’ve never been to Kansas City! Ever since we moved abroad we realized how little of our own country we’ve seen. We want to do some serious roadtripping through the states and will have to make this a stop! I always love a good brewery too!

  • March 9, 2017

    Considering that is lunch time in Romania, my eyes couldn’t ignore the picture with the best BBQ places that you’ve recommended. It’s very interesting to read how people actually fight over which one is better. Now I stay and try to imagine how tasty they might be, it’s an interesting experience to read about food and imagine that you’re eating it. 🙂 I’ve never thought of that before.

  • March 9, 2017

    There are so many cities in the US I’ve driven through or skipped over entirely — this makes me think I need to check out Kansas City. Growing up on the coast, we didn’t think much about anything in fly over country, but now I’m so curious about all these places that sound really neat.

  • March 9, 2017

    I’m from Ohio, so I totally get what you are saying about how “flyover states” get a bad rap. I’d love to visit Kansas City! The barbecue alone would be tempting, but the art and history museums seem world-class. And who wouldn’t want to see the Royals play? Plus, the people seem so nice!

  • March 9, 2017

    We never have been! Kansas seems to be the least of our priorities in the states, but surprisingly lots of fun things to do!

  • March 9, 2017

    Kansas City has never been on my radar, but you definitely make me want to go check it out, especially the Kemper Museum. Also, I remember having a long drawn out debate about places with the best BBQ. Two guys swore up and down KC was it. I guess I’ll just have to visit someday and see for myself.

  • March 10, 2017

    YREAH! Representing MO! I love Kansas City. I always say if I were going to settle down in Missouri, I would want to live in Kansas City. The nightlife is totally awesome. I went to this rap bar rave one night with a friend from there and oh my god, it was so much fun! I danced all night long. Plus there are so many amazing places to eat! I can’t believe that, as a beer lover, I’ve never made it to Boulevard, but I do love their beer. I think this post just inspired a weekend trip!

  • March 10, 2017

    I’ve never been and to be fair it hadn’t even appeared on my radar. I think of wizard of oz really when I think of Kansas lol. Bet you get sick of that! Anyway it does look super cool and a town that’s sport and beer mad, is definitely appealing

  • March 11, 2017

    I would definitely be interested in visiting Kansas City. I’ve heard all about the famous barbecue and I want to try it. I would also want to check out the WWI Museum because I know so much more about WWII. Lastly, I would like to see a Royals game for sure!


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