Kulaç: Albanian Soda Bread

Kulaç, also known as Albanian soda bread, is often used as a bread substitute in Albanian homes because of how quickly you can make it.

In this “Food Finds” post, I’ve invited an old college buddy of mine, Livja, to introduce a favorite family dish: Kulaç. Livja has been creating and editing such incredible videos for as long as I’ve known her and she’s a proud of her Albanian heritage. I’m excited that she’s bringing the culinary traditions of her people to the table with the help of all her family members. Don’t forget to watch the tutorial video at the bottom and please subscribe to her Youtube Channel to get some more “storytelling with a soul.” Traditionally, one would bring a Kulaç to important dinners, engagements, and baptisms. Kulaç is typically made for breakfast and can be eaten salty (with butter and feta cheese) or sweet (with honey or jam).

Words from Livja: Does everyone think their grandmother is the best cook in the world? Because my nena is a magician in the kitchen – I’d bet money on Leta. I’ve realized that if I want to inherit her epic cooking skills and carry on our Albanian family recipes, I’m going to have to learn now!
Why not start with a legendary Albanian staple – Kulaç (pronounced kulach)?

This recipe is so easy and tasty, it almost doesn’t make sense – check it out!

making Kulaç albanian soda bread

Nena proudly showing off her kulaç skills

ingredients for making albanian soda bread kulaç

A few notes about the ingredients

  • The yogurt does not have to be Chobani but it does have to be whole milk.
  • After the Kulaç has baked, you can eat it plain or use different spreads. It’s traditionally eaten with feta cheese, but you can also use butter, honey, jam, and fig preserves.


making Kulaç albanian soda bread


making Kulaç albanian soda bread

You can keep it simple or make intricate designs


making Kulaç albanian soda bread

Bake the kulaç for 45 minutes, until its starts turning golden brown


making Kulaç albanian soda bread

food finds recipes

making Kulaç albanian soda bread

The bread should be crispy when coming out of the oven

Dress with butter, honey, jam, or feta cheese.

If you decide to serve the Kulaç before it is completely cooled down, just break it with your hands instead of using a knife because the knife will disturb the consistency of the Kulaç.


This recipe is from Livja’s family kitchen.

making kulaç albanian soda bread recipe

Feel free to print this out!


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Recipe for Albanian Kulac Soda Bread with @The Next Somewhere

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  1. I am totally going to try this! I’ve never had it but it sounds and looks so good! It also seems really easy to make. I will keep you posted on how it turns out!

  2. I love a freshly baked loaf of bread and this looks delicious. I would totally try this recipe, except I am a terrible baker and have been known to set of a few fire alarms .

  3. Veronica P.

    4 May

    Izzy, I love learning more about traditional foods. Also Albania is on my Bucket list.
    What is the right way to pronounce Kulac? Is it a ch on the end?

  4. Sally E

    4 May

    I love bread in basically all forms so I am definitely going to be trying out this recipe! I love learning how to make local eats when traveling!

  5. I agree. My grandma is the best cook! There are very few Korean restaurants that can cook like her. I try to learn but the language barrier is too much. Glad I can learn from someone else’s grandma!

  6. Hallie

    4 May

    I like how it has to stand up right to cool. It seems like a funny little thing my grandmother would say too that is a quirk that doesn’t really affect the bread but how gmas think things do, ya know? Someone was telling me recently about this bread actually so it’s so funny that I came across this post. I totally want to try and make some now!

  7. Stella

    5 May

    This is a very interesting idea for a series! All my family recipes are food from New Orleans so I am used to spicy food. But this soda bread looks delicious! I’ve never heard of it, but I never met a bread I didn’t like! I’ll have to learn more about Albanian food!

  8. It is breakfast time here and looking at this freshly baked bread, I am feeling so hungry!! I can even smell the aroma.
    So easy to make, I’m definitely going to try this. Grannys always have some secret recipe up their sleeves.

    I love exploring traditional food from across the world and this one interested me. How do you pronounce it? Kulac? A ‘k’ in the end as in cat?

  9. Victoria

    5 May

    This is great! I have never had soda bread but I am glad you included the recipe. I love trying new things from other cultures!

  10. Aubrie

    5 May

    Omg this is amazing! I am definitely saving it for later! I love the designs you put into and the finished product looks delicious!

  11. Cat

    5 May

    I’ve never heard of Kulaç. This looks so easy to make. I will need to try it out!!

  12. Claudia

    6 May

    I have never heard of Albanian bread or Kulac specifically but it does sound and look very yummy!

  13. Will try this recipe. So even if I haven’t been to Albania at least I could try this one. And have a taste what a legit Albanian bread is. It’s sounds and looks tasty and yummy.

  14. Wait this actually looks like something I could make (though my design skills probably won’t match up!). It actually reminds me of my mom/grandmom’s Irish soda bread. We make it every year for St. Patrick’s Day, and it’s the best with a cup of tea and some butter.

  15. Christina

    11 May

    This looks SO good!! Especially with the butter and honey… YUM! I’ll need to try it out

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