Best Place for Stress Free Siesta

The classic siesta originates from Spain. It’s where you just take a step back from hectic life and wind down.

After all, that’s what a traditional holiday is all about right? The Spanish culture links a siesta to a long sleep or a nice nap. As the country itself can get quite hot, people get tired and choose to shelter from the heat. Even shops and restaurants close during siesta time which is usually 2pm-5pm, depending on the area. There’s also a theory stating that the Spanish don’t sleep enough because they are in the ‘wrong time zone’. Whatever the case, the siesta lifestyle has caught on and many places around the world are offering tourists a chance to experience it!

Best Place for Stress Free Siesta

You can conk out in any wee corner of the world

Relax in Costa Rica

Could you find an ideal spot to take a siesta in Costa Rica? The answer is: definitely! As stated by the HPI, Costa Rica ranks first on the recent edition of the happiest countries. It states that people have a higher wellbeing than those in rich nations and that life expectancy is around 79 years of age. This is down to many unique elements nestled within the Costa Rican society.

For instance, the greetings there aren’t just the average hello and goodbye. The people of Costa Rica go one step further and say things such as ‘Pura Vida’ which translates to ‘pure life’. Another one of these sayings circles around the way they describe their life partners as ‘Media Naranja’. This translates to the ‘other half of their orange.’ With tropical beaches and gorgeous sandy areas, there are a lot of relaxation places that Costa Rica can offer you.

Best Place for Stress Free Siesta Costa Rica

Sloths chilling out in Costa Rica

Make the Most of Mexico

Whilst in some parts of Mexico there may be huge fiestas happening, in some parts you can also find tranquil siestas. This country is famous for its hidden beaches such as Playa del Amor, where you go through an underwater tunnel to find it. If you like to chill and surf around then the waves in Mexico will mesmerize you. There’s tons of striking artwork to be found and casual boutique cafes to run away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

There’s also the isolated paradise set on the Riviera Cancun coast. You will find plenty of things to do from seaside snorkeling and pamper sessions at the nearby spa. For the ultimate siesta, you should sample the hospitality at Excellence Riviera Cancun. Get some gourmet cuisine and soak your muscles in Cancun’s clear waters. Sometimes you just deserve a luxury getaway and Mexico is a must-see.

Best Place for Stress Free Siesta Mexico

Enjoy the azure waters of Mexico’s cenotes

Escape Normality in Nigeria

Switch up the scene and take a wild trip down to Nigeria, even though it’s known for its vivacious lifestyle, there are also a few secret siesta spots around. The nature here is remarkable. There are vast rivers stretched out through open forestry and golden leaves. There’s the Ikogosi cold and warm springs in Ekiti and the famous Ogbunike Cave located in the Anambra state.

If you don’t want to party hard in Nigeria, you can always opt for a stroll along the local markets. These markets may sometimes feel a little sleepier than the main streets. You can find locally-crafted fabrics full of glorious patterns and intriguing tales. Or you could try your hand at haggling and see what you can get to take back home. Whether you’re look for a quiet place to retreat or a lively place to let go, this place definitely has it all…

Best Place for Stress Free Siesta Nigeria

Beach love on the shoreline of Nigeria

Traditional Siesta in Spain

The ultimate siesta has to take place in Spain as it is home to the siesta culture. There are many advantages linked with taking a siesta, for instance, you’ll experience 30% higher productivity and a boost in your energy levels. Your happiness and well-being will increase as you choose to take the slower path in life. Historically, Spanish field workers would take the time to shelter away from a long day of work and to cool off. They would enjoy a lovely lunch with their family and then they would take a short nap before returning to the field again.

However, this practice doesn’t just apply to the field workers; it’s now considered a norm in Spanish society. Perhaps this is due to its historical roots where ‘la siesta’ dates back to the Spanish Civil War. So, if you want to experience an authentic and traditional siesta, you know where you should be heading towards.

Best Place for Stress Free Siesta Spain

Relish in the calm of a setting sun

Enjoy Your Space in Ecuador

As Ecuador sits on the equator, there’s pretty much an endless summer. So it really doesn’t matter about what sort of time you take your siesta, you’ll always have the sun on your side. There are some stunning stretches of beaches around Ecuador. With 530 miles of coastline, you could prop up a deckchair and chill out by the sea.

Another interesting fact about Ecuador is that it has one of the world’s first and second UNESCO World Heritage sites such as the Galápagos Islands which were once visited by Charles Darwin. If that’s not a perfect selection for a siesta in the sun, then what is?! This place is a prime spot for naptime lovers; you’ll always see tourists lazing around the pools and natural waterfalls.

Best Place for Stress Free Siesta Ecuador

Wouldn’t you want to be these herd of llamas?

Find Inner Peace in Italy

A true Italian siesta consists of silent stores and busy neighborhoods suddenly turning into ghost towns. Between 1pm and 4pm travelers have noticed the way shops shut and people scurry back into their homes for a 3 hour rest.

You might want to learn the word ‘Chiuso’ which means closed in Italian. Shopping outlets will display this sign on their door if they’ve popped out for nap. Italy is one of those indescribable places drowning in history and carved architecture. You could spend hours roaming the streets and never get bored of its landscape. However, with the rich aroma of the Italian coffee constantly luring you in, can you get much sleep on a caffeine kick?!

Best Place for Stress Free Siesta Italy

Take a coffee break at one of the many cafes in Rome

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