What to give your favorite traveler this 2018 Holiday Season at @The Next Somewhere

Now in it’s fourth year, here is the 2018 edition of the “Traveler’s Holiday Gift Guide”.

From Morocco to Australia, I’ve scoured all corners of the {world} wide web to create a gift guide for thoughtful gifters that supports small businesses, fair trade artisans, local designers, and mission-driven brands.

2018 Travelers Holiday Gift Guide


2018 Travelers Holiday Gift Guide Away Carry OnCarry-On in Limited Edition Aurora by Away

Away is arguably the premiere luggage retailer in the world and they’ve just released a limited-edition, hardshell carry-on inspired by the Aurora Borealis light show. The gradient, iridescent hue of their popular roller bag feels like you’ve brought Iceland along for the ride.

Buy Now: $225,

2018 Travelers Holiday Gift Guide Laps NY WatchNew York – 26 mm Watch by LAPS

A nod to New York with a touch of Parisian artistry. The clock face gives you a skyscraper view of the gridlocks that make up The Big Apple. For the person who lives like they have all the time in the world, give them a piece of the city that never sleeps.

Buy Now: $151.70,

2018 Travelers Holiday Gift Guide Rothys Teal Slip OnsTeal Slip-On Sneakers by Rothy’s

Take only memories, leave only footprints. These slip-ons are made from recycled water bottles woven together to form an effortlessly chic, eco-friendly shoe that has a small carbon footprint. Slip-ons are also the best shoes when it comes to strict airport security lines and barefoot temple visits. Bonus: toss them in the washing machine if they get dirty.

Buy Now: $125,

UNDER $100

2018 Travelers Holiday Gift Guide Roark Smokehouse ButtonupSmokehouse Button up Shirt by Roark

Dubbed ‘Artifacts of Adventure,’ the creations of Roark are all inspired by the founder’s seasonal journeys. This jovial cotton chambray button up from the Vol. 15 “Vagabundos del Carne” collection is stamped with an assortment of barbecued meats from Patagonia. Wait until you or your favorite guy rocks this at the next family cookout.

Buy Now: $55 in five colors,

2018 Travelers Holiday Gift Guide Chabi ChicVegetable Silk Babouches by Chabi Chic

The pointy-toe favorite of everyday Moroccans is none other than the babouche, created by skilled leather artisans. This pair by Marrakesh lifestyle label, Chabi Chic, is made using cotton-like plant fiber as opposed to leather, making it both vegan and cruelty free.

Buy Now: $78.24 in five colors,


2018 Travelers Holiday Gift Guide Ciao For Now MadewellCiao for Now Mock Sweatshirt by Madewell

‘Ciao… for now‘ should be my new travel catchphrase. WhenI visit a new country, I like to greet it hello and goodbye, although my goodbyes are a lot harder to spit out than my hellos. Now there’s a shirt that will do the the hard work for me. Also, the breathable fabric is perfect for flying in comfort.

Buy Now: $34.99 use code DEALWITHIT for 25% off,

2018 Travelers Holiday Gift Guide Wanderlust + CoThea Gold Earrings by Wanderlust + Co.

The Australian jeweler has been dishing out the dreamiest accessories for roving females and this 18K gold mismatched earrings are no exception. It’s easy to feel stellar with this flashy drop earring duo. Spaceship not included.

Buy Now: $49 use the code CYBER2018 for 30% off,

2018 Travelers Holiday Gift Guide Barcelona MapBarcelona Map Art by Image Republic

Dress up any bare walls with one of French artist Antoine Corbineau’s graphic city maps, a patchwork of zany shapes and squiggles. His artwork has been featured in magazines around the world for its masterful ability to communicate a lot without being too obvious.

Buy Now: $51 for 30x40cm,

2018 Travelers Holiday Gift Guide Sari BlanketUpcycled Sari Baby Blanket by Prokritee

This baby blanket, brought to life from recycled Bangladeshi saris, is also being used to create brighter futures for working-class mothers in subcontinental Asia. Let that comforting warm you or your loved one’s newborn on cold nights.

Buy Now: On sale for $39.99,

2018 Travelers Holiday Gift Guide Lonely Planet Book

“The Best Moment of Your Life” Book by Lonely Planet

For someone who uses superlatives rather excessively, this coffee table book is sure to become a staple of my living room for guests looking for memorable experiences to pursue. Every one of the 100 real-life accounts details how the moment made a lasting impact on the author’s life. #liveinspired

Buy Now: $22.90 and buy one, get one free,

2018 Travelers Holiday Gift Guide Metal World MapWorld Map Metal Wall Art by Dekadron

This is the TOP item on my Christmas wishlist of 2018! I spotted this metal world map on Instagram a few years ago and found out that it was originally manufactured by a Turkish company and being sold for a steep $200. Now you can get a similar looking, equally sturdy piece on Etsy from an independent seller. A great way to commemorate where you’ve been and finally, you can put the thousands of pics you’ve taken on various trips to good use.

Buy Now: On sale for $48.87,

2018 Travelers Holiday Gift Guide Bluff Utlility BackpackBluff Utility Backpack by United by Blue

Make sure you have everything you need before your next hike with designated pockets for all the loose bits and bobs in this waterproof backpack. This outdoor brand is also known for its mission for clean water and only uses eco-friendly textiles and for every United by Blue product purchased, one pound of trash is removed from the earth’s polluted water systems.

Buy Now: On sale for $51,

2018 Travelers Holiday Gift Guide Pacific Northwest CoffeePacific Northwest Coffee Gift Box by Ames and Oates

While waiting for better weather before my intended spring visit to the Pacific Northwest, I’ll be enjoying this coffee-themed gift box filled with local coffee blends and pantry items, like Washington State’s Brisk Mountain Mint Truffle Milk Chocolate Bar infused with double distilled peppermint oil. Also, if your office is collecting corporate gift ideas, you can customize the box with company logos.

Buy Now: $44,

2018 Travelers Holiday Gift Guide Spartina 449 Charm NecklaceGreetings From… Charm Necklaces by Spartina 449

Keep your best travel memories close to your heart with these charming necklaces. Packaged as vintage luggage tags, these charm necklaces feature popular US vacation destinations and are sure to charm your favorite female. Three icons symbolic of the destination, along with a “Greetings From” tag, dangle from a thin thread. You can also add and subtract mementos from other necklaces.

Buy Now: $40 use the code THANKS for 25% off,

2018 Travelers Holiday Gift Guide Memory Perfume SamplerMemory Perfume Sampler by Replica

Calling all sentimentalists! Let this perfume sampler whisk you back to memories long forgotten with ten mini bottles that have bottled up moments like ‘Lazy Sunday Mornings’ and ‘Music Festivals.’ From fading, washed linen scents, to the aroma of trampled grass on a summer night, you can travel to all your favorite moments in time with these TSA-approved spritzers.

Buy Now: $35,

2018 Travelers Holiday Gift Guide Izola Shot GlassSpanish Toast Shot Glass Set by Izola

I have been waiting for FOUR YEARS for this shot glass set to come  back on the market. Who says Christmas wishes don’t come true? Each stainless steel shot glass is printed with the four words that narrate the gestures for “cheers-ing” a beer in Mexican Spanish—”Abajo (go down)”, “Arriba (up top)”, Al Centro (glasses to the middle)”, “Pa Dentro (gulp it down!!!!!!!!!)”

Buy Now: $33,

2018 Travelers Holiday Gift Guide Lumee Duo IphoneDuo iPhone 8, 7, 6s, 6 by Lumee

These nifty phone cases are dominating my instagram feed, largely due in part by the social media influencers who LOVE the ability to bring professional lighting wherever they go. As the company put it: “lighting is essential to a good photo.” Now that’s a fact!

Buy Now: On sale for $29.97,

2018 Travelers Holiday Gift Guide Sand Free TowelSand Free Beach Towel in Sonkgran by Dock and Bay

Sandy towels are a think of the past thanks to these eye-catching travel towels. Not only do these towels dry 3 times faster than a normal cotton towel, but they also come with a plastic hook and are made from biodegradable materials. The Songkran towel is part of a limited edition “Festivals” collection—you can party like it’s Tomatina, Carnival, and Solstice too!

Buy Now: $25 use the code BLACKFRIDAY for 25% off,


2018 Travelers Holiday Gift Guide 2018 Travelers Holiday Gift Guide Adventurous MerchTravel Essentials Shirt by Adventurous Merch

Gotta support the travel blogging community! Thanks to Adventurous Kate (one of the first solo female travel bloggers on the internet) and Travel Yourself, travelers can finally rock travel shirts made by people who actually travel. And the money they make is used for site maintenance, which I wholeheartedly support as a fellow blogger.  Now you’ll never have to run through the packing list off of memory!

Buy Now: $22.99,

2018 Travelers Holiday Gift Guide Quadrille Alphabet Cooking

Alphabet Cooking by Quadrille

The “Alphabet Cooking” is a design enthusiast’s dream, with its neon edges, moody photo editorials, and clean typography. However, don’t let the alphabet associations fool you into thinking these books are for beginners as the 50-or-so recipes in each book require some basic knowledge of each country’s gastronomy. The encyclopedic series is releasing books based on trending cuisines.

Buy Now: $15 and under,

2018 Travelers Holiday Gift Guide Sushi Socks BoxSushi Socks Box by Colors of the Rainbow

Who wouldn’t fall in love with this bento box of sock-shimi? Served in a sushi takeaway box, the bright colored socks have been cheekily folded to mimic rolls of tamago nigiri, cucumber maki, and salmon nigiri. Get one for your sushi-obsessed friend or order takeout for the whole family with larger combo sets.

Buy Now: $22.90 for a set of three,

2018 Travelers Holiday Gift Guide Riverlace LARiver Minimalist Necklace by Riverlace LA

Motivated by a love of minimalism and doing good, Riverlace Los Angeles created dainty jewelry pieces featuring outlines of prominent US rivers. With each purchase, the company contributes 10% of the proceeds to building sustainable water systems in Africa.

Buy Now: On sale for $19.95,

2018 Travelers Holiday Gift Guide Pinyin Press Tea TowelsTea Towels by Pinyin Press

Lucky cat figurines, ancient family recipes, and chicken feet motifs are just some of the offerings of Pinyin Press’ hand-drawn, tea towel line. The Shanghai-based design company has transposed everyday icons in Asia onto their homegoods and do a fine job inserting a pop of color in minimalist kitchen spaces.

Buy Now: $16.50 for each tea towel,

2018 Travelers Holiday Gift Guide Stojo 12oz Cup12oz Stojo Pocket Cup by Stojo

After the strong dark roast coffee at Porto Rico Importing Co in Manhattan, the Stojo Collapsible Cup was the second best discovery. Think of it as cup origami: the silicon cup folds down into a disk shape that makes this reusable cup extremely portable. My only suggestion is get it in this jet black color because coffee and lipstick easily stains the more colorful products.

Buy Now: $19.99,

2018 Travelers Holiday Gift Guide Keyring SplitterKeychain Headphone Splitter by Elago

Have you ever found yourself on a long journey where sharing one pair of headphones was not working out in your favor? Now you’ll never find yourself in this situation with this handy keychain headphone splitter! Sharing is caring.

Buy Now: $9.99 in four colors,

2018 Travelers Holiday Gift Guide Spark AdventureSpark Adventure: 50 Ways to Explore and Discover by Chronicle Books

Looking to ignite your next vacation with new ways of exploring? This matchbox is filled with 50 matches, each one etched with a prompt to guide you on your daily adventures. Happy wandering! (Disclaimer: this is not an actual functioning matchbook set).

Buy Now: $12.51,

holiday20182018 Travelers Holiday Gift Guide Askinosie Chocolate BarsChocolate Bars by Askinosie

Askinosie’s fair trade chocolate are decorated with screenprint portraits of the farmers responsible for farming the cacao bean used to make the bar. All of the chocolate is single origin and harvested from either Tanzania, The Philippines, or Ecuador and come in milk, dark, or white chocolate varieties.

Buy Now: $8.50,

holiday20182018 Travelers Holiday Gift Guide Kikkerland Tea FishermanTea Holder Fisherman by Kikkerland

For tea addicts, you now have a buddy (or four) to babysit your teabag while it steeps. This quartet remind me of the fishermen I saw in the backwaters of Hoi An, waiting patiently for their catch. But in actuality, the design was inspired by the most famous angler in all of China, Jiang Tai Gong.

Buy Now: $15,

👉 Who loves giving gifts like I do? What item would you most likely buy from the 2018 travelers holiday gift guide? What item would you add to your wishlist? Share your favorites in the comments section.

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What to give your favorite traveler this 2018 Holiday Season at @The Next Somewhere

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  • Jim

    November 26, 2018

    Great list of items! Love the Roark apparel and concept behind it!

  • November 27, 2018

    ‘Obsessed! I want it all!!

  • November 29, 2018

    I’m absolutely adding the Barcelona Map Art and the Bluff Utility Backpack to my list! That backpack is gorgeous – I’m slightly obsessed with mountains ⛰❤️!! Great list full of items / brands / companies I’ve never heard of! Kudos for originality!!

  • November 29, 2018

    Great list of stuff! I really love the idea of those slip ons made from recycled water bottles – it’s amazing what we can make out of non recyclable stuff if we just think about it. Well, what some very clever people can come up with anyway.

  • November 29, 2018

    I love the presentation of your gift guide, so cute! I want all of these items!
    Funny enough, I just came back from Japan and bought a similar fun sushi and bento box! Such a fun and original gift idea!

  • November 29, 2018

    Great post and i like how you are supporting some independent companies.
    This is a great for everyone not just for travellers.
    I’ll take a one of each haha…I wish

  • Jessa

    November 29, 2018

    I look forward to this series every year! Another great list, Izzy! Cheers to your great taste and your generous Filipino heart!!

  • Zoe

    November 29, 2018

    Great list! I’ve been looking out for things to buy this year and loving these lists for inspiration! Thanks for sharing!

  • November 29, 2018

    I adore this list and all the cute illustrations!! Vegetable Silk Babouches—how have I not seen these before!? Ordering myself a pair now 🙂 Happy holidays!

  • November 30, 2018

    Love all the items you mentioned here, but especially the collapsible cup and the book by The Lonely Planet. Looking fw to second part 🙂

  • Ketki

    November 30, 2018

    Can i be honest? I want to buy them all!! Feels so festive. Lovely compilation 🙂

  • November 30, 2018

    Great list full of fantastic gift ideas, going to forward it to my friends and family for some ideas haha

  • November 30, 2018

    I’m obsessed with the away suitcases and the wanderlust earrings. Totally okay to gift them to myself right? Haha! But seriously good recommendations!

  • December 4, 2018

    Nice post! Thanks for sharing!

  • December 19, 2018

    I absolutely love this list. I love that it supports small businesses around the world and I really love the utility pack and the minimalist necklace. Such a thoughtful gift guide. Thank you!


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