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Looking for ways to diversify your media consumption? Support these 20 female travel bloggers of color because representation matters.

The current state of U.S. race relations has prompted a worldwide critical analysis on the racial inequalities in various systems. Travel is one of those many systems where white privilege and profit go hand-in-hand. At surface level, the global travel industry seems as though it’s made for white people, by white people. But in actuality, people of color represent the largest market consumers. In stats shared by Lindsey of The Seven Day Weekender, black millennial travelers spent $63 billion USD on travel alone in 2018. From Kay of The Awkward Traveller’s findings, 57% of Asian-Americans take at least one international trip per year. And in a report shared by Forbes, US Hispanics take an average of two more trips than non-Hispanics. With all this data, why travel bloggers of color are still left out of these conversations.

Why following diverse travel bloggers helps you be a better traveler

Now more than ever, we should be working to diversify our media consumption. As we continue diving deeper into this complex dialogue about racism, we cannot deny the prevalence of “whitewashing” on our own Instagram feeds. Before the racial protests called for change, 85% of the travel content I was consuming was created by white individuals, forcing me to seek out more BIPOC travelers to support, especially black travel bloggers. There has been a lot of frustration around how monotone travel media is, as seen in blog posts like “Why I’m Boycotting Travel Bloggers and You Should Too” and “The White Travel Blogger Darlings and the White Organizers Who Love Them.” We can challenge the existing systems by addressing our own shortcomings. To be inclusive is an action, not a statement. If you don’t put the work behind sentiment, then you’re guilty of performative allyship too.

If you’re not familiar with the term BIPOC, BIPOC is more inclusive way of referring to non-white folk as the term BIPOC represents Black, Indigenous and People of Color. The distinction in terminology allows us to remember that historically the mistreatment of Black and Indigenous minority groups have far outweighed the mistreatment of other minority groups, therefore creating space for Black and Indigenous people to stand adjacent to other minorities, while bringing together all marginalized communities under one united term.

A reminder about following BIPOC travel bloggers

As we begin to become more inclusive and mindful content consumers, let us be conscientious that BIPOCs are indeed voices of authority in the realm of travel. Every niche of travel has a person of color sharing out their lived experiences. You should not have to try too hard to find a person of color writing about wellness travel, teaching overseas, being a fashion influencer, gastrotourism, or owning vlogs. But due to the proclivity of brands and tourism boards partnering with white travel bloggers, travel bloggers of color have much less visibility on many platforms. Our lives can only be enriched by the addition of the many diverse perspectives BIPOC travel bloggers bring. BIPOC women in particular should be seen as people with credibility and expertise and we are calling for the amplification of underrepresented voices, particularly in the context of travel. Travel media should mirror the communities it serves instead of being the monotonous palette it is. It is not possible to continue this lifelong journey of actively seeking justice without diversifying our media consumption, thereby allowing for the BIPOCs we support to continue contribute to the larger picture that is travel. In essence, what is travel without the appreciation of diversity? I hope the advice, encouragement, and wealth of information these 20 women of color impart feed your minds and souls as fully as they have fed mine.

20 Female Travel Bloggers of Color

Kay The Awkward Traveller Women of Color Travel Bloggers


The voice behind the blog: Kay, a half black, half white Los Angeles girl now living in Portland

Why you should support her: Kay is not only one of my favorite people in real life, having met up in Portland, but she is also one of the most unique individuals I’ve ever met! A scientist 60% of the week, she uses the rest of her spare time writing novels (her instagram is temporarily deactivated because she’s working on her second novel!!!), eating her heart out, and also traveling the world! And she casually started a nonprofit organization called the Global Dreamers Foundation, sponsoring young adults from underrepresented groups with their first passports. Her blog is all about tackling travel with a dose of humor (and not taking yourself too seriously in general) along with lots of candid stories about her “misadventures on the road.”

Visit them at:

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Trisha Ps Im On My Way Women of Color Travel Bloggers


The voice behind the blog: Trisha, a Filipina nomad at home everywhere

Why you should support her: Trisha has been an important figure in my own blogging journey as she was the first travel blogger who not only looked like me, but also was succeeding in the world of blogging. She has been a storytelling nomad for the last ten years, creating a life far removed from the rigid environment in the Philippines she was raised in. Now, not only is she giving us a taste of the world by serving up lesson after lesson on the road, but she also is a using her influence to push for women’s rights. “A friend to ALL women,” Trisha is an ambassador of Girl Rising, a global movement for girls’ education and empowerment.

Visit them at:

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saba my tasteful ventures women of color travel bloggers


The voice behind the blog: Sabatini, a proud daughter of immigrants

Why you should support her: With one of the most aesthetically pleasing travel blogs on the internet and a penchant for financial wisdom, this self-proclaimed budget traveler has everything you need to know make your money travel farther while you travel. She also shares a lot of resources on how to start your own blog for those looking to begin their own blogging journeys.

Visit them at:

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saba deafinitely wanderlust women of color travel bloggers


The voice behind the Youtube and Instagram Page: Stacey, a first generation Deaf Mexican-American

Why you should support her: Stacey has taught me so much about the deaf community and deaf communities around the world. Personally confessing here that I didn’t know there were different sign language systems for not only specific countries, but also specific cities! Her YouTube channel is an exhaustive resource of travel tips for both hearing and deaf travelers and from her content, you can tell that traveling and meeting new people helps solidify her intersecting identities. If you’re passionate about human rights, inclusion efforts, feminism, and mental health, you’ll learn a lot from falling this Latinx traveler.

Visit them at:

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tania lov3s female travel bloggers of color


The voice behind the blog: Tania, a Zimbabwean native living in Toronto

Why you should support her: Tania houses her love of fashion, travel, and photography in her neatly curated blog, Tania Lov3s. Tania is the very definition of effortlessly sophisticated and her photographic work is warm, vibrant, and colorful, instantly whisking you to far-off places. If you like fashion travel bloggers, the photos are a good medium between outfit inspiration and architectural shots.

Visit them at:

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francesca onegirloneworld female travel bloggers of color


The voice behind the blog: Francesca

Why you should support her: When it comes to Caribbean content, Francesca is your girl. She’s been an expat in several places like Spain, France, and Martinique, and before you assume her professional experience is solely in the world of travel, she has also worked in the entertainment industry. I recently came across Francesca when she candidly spoke about facing discrimination in the travel industry, demonstrating that as a travel blogger of color, she is using her influence to make a difference for other fellow travel bloggers of color following in her footsteps.

Visit them at:

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gerry dominican abroadwomen of color travel bloggers


The voice behind the blog: Gerry Isabelle, a Dominican-American from the Bronx (in New York)

Why you should support her: Gerry is one of the most prominent Latina female travel bloggers. Her travel website has evolved into a full-on tour operation running a number of ethical and fair-wage cultural tours in her home country of the Dominican Republic, with an especially popular heritage tour for Dominicans abroad that has been featured in Oprah Magazine. She uses the lens of multiculturalism in her stories and photographs.

Visit them at:

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sam there she goes again women of color travel bloggers


The voice behind the blog: Sam, adopted from China and raised by a white Americans

Why you should support her: I was first introduced to Sam in 2015 while we both were living in South Korea as ESL teachers who owned travel blogs. To this day, Sam has been a friend and confidante in this space and was one of the first people who used her platform as a way to speak out against discrimination faced by BIPOC communities. If you’re a solo female traveler or are looking for exceptional travel guides to help you plan the best travel itinerary, there’s nothing better than Sam’s blog. Also, her Korea travel content is outstanding for first-time travelers to Korea.

Visit them at:

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candace abroad female travel bloggers of color


The voice behind the blog: Candace

Why you should support her: Since 2016, Candace has been living abroad in England, China, Thailand, and is now headed back to the United Kingdom for the next four years. Armed with an attitude of indefatigable positivity and sincerity, Candace’s content is a mixture between joyful posts, advice on wellness and living abroad for solo travelers, and reflecting on personal growth. She recently launched a podcast called Abroad and Co, a resource for Gen Z and Milennials looking to coordinate their careers and businesses with their love of travel.

Visit them at:


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nabila dose of travel pakistani-american


The voice behind the blog: Nabila, an East Coaster-turned-West Coaster Pakistani-American

Why you should support her: Nabila is as honest as it comes in her account about navigating the pitfalls of adulthood and the struggles of being raised in a Pakistani family. She warrants so much respect having traveled to 35 countries as a full-time student in both undergraduate and pharmacy school. If you are in search of travel bloggers who are vulnerable about their trials, Nabila doesn’t sugarcoat her experiences and is ready to be the cheerleader for anyone facing similar adversity in their own travel stories.

Visit them at:

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jeanine le wild explorer female travel bloggers of color


The voice behind the blog: Jeanine, a Californian of Mexican descent

Why you should support her: For travel bloggers, Le Wild Explorer is a balanced offering of the adventure and leisure travel. Here you’ll find lists of the best waterfalls to visit, as well as the best bars to order up cocktails. If you’re fan of travel podcasts, check out her podcast ‘Oh My! Travel Podcast,‘ now in its fourth season, covering everything from festivals around the world to how to honor your sense of wanderlust in the time of COVID.

Visit them at:

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cherrie lynn


The voice behind the blog: Cherrie, a Filipina living in the Bay Area

Why you should support her: With her dreamy photos and envy-inducing wardrobe, Cherrie’s instagram feed is a gateway to the most magical places the world has to offer. At first glance, Cherrie may look like just another fashion blogger but don’t be fooled—she is one of the most endearingly humble individuals I have ever met and also an incredibly hard worker, taking the time to engage with her massive following of over 200k instagram users by herself. All her photos are taken by her husband, Johnrick, who she proudly displays as her creative partner-in-crime.

Visit them at: @cherrielynn

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lindsey seven day weekender female travel bloggers of color


The voice behind the Blog: Lindsey, a Brazilian adoptee to the USA with Portuguese heritage

Why you should support her: With roots in the West Coast and a short stint in New York, Lindsey is at the top of her game when it comes to US travel, which is fantastic considering that local travel will most likely be in the forefront post-COVID for many Americans. If you’re looking to fill your weekends with road trips, staycations, and backyard travel, Lindsey has you covered. And also check out her editorial content about how to be a more mindful and inclusive traveler.

Visit them at:

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jakiya black travel content creator


The voice behind the website:Jakiya

Why you should support her: Jakiya is a thriving marketing strategist, storyteller, and world traveler. Her services revolve around strengthening and crafting a vision for personal brands. While she might not be a traditional “blogger,” she lends her consulting talents to help others achieve financial freedom to be location independent. She also has a travel shop where you can “book” a Pick-Your-Brain-Session for Learning Everything You Want to about Senegal, or you can even book an 8-day trip led by Jakiya to experience the best of Senegal with other like-minded travelers.

Visit them at:

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reesa rei filipino travel blogger


The voice behind the Blog: Reesa, a Houston-born Filipino-American

Why you should support her: Referring to herself as “Houston’s Travel Darling,” this Nomoon travel ambassador. musician, and fashionista is ready to rock your world with her colorful and playful personality. In her block of internet real estate, you’ll find location-specific lookbooks, photo diaries in places explored, hotel testimonials, and some beauty advice for those looking to maintain their daily beauty regimen on the road.

Visit them at:

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hey ciara follow on social media


The voice behind the blog: Ciara

Why you should support her: Ciara is black travel blogger who has mastered more than one content platform, with an active twitter following over 39k and an instagram base of 70k. Her tips on how to afford travel, how to quit your job and travel full-time, how to become a freelance writer, draws a crowd of aspiring nomads looking to transition to a location independent lifestyle. But in addition to solid travel advice, she also shares resources and wisdown how to travel while black, providing valuable information for black travelers.

Visit them at:

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along with ari female travel bloggers


The voice behind the blog: Ari, a Chinese adoptee from Portland based in Thailand

Why you should support her: When it comes to Ari, what you see is what you get. She is an unapologetic expat armed with so much self-confidence that makes her easily approachable and that much more likeable! Ari has been shaping the minds of young Thais for the last five years as as ESL teacher and is in the works of moving to Malaysia to continue her teaching career. On her blog, you’ll find a running series called “Asian in Asia,” which is exactly what it sounds like: reflections on the complexities being “Asian” while living in Asia.

Visit them at:

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ochristine female travel bloggers of color


The voice behind the Blog: Olivia Christine, a Bronx-born Afro Latina

Why you should support her: Wellness fanatics, meet Olivia. Olivia has been a full-time content creator for the last five years, featured on dozens of platforms like CNBC, Girlboss, HuffPost, promoting her mission of healthier travels. Her mission of whole-body wellness comes from a personal battle living with Lupus as a Black Latina. In a sea of white faces especially in her niche of wellness and travel, her presence is a breath of fresh air. If you are looking to travel mindfully on both a spiritual and physical level, Olivia’s content will help you achieve those lifestyle goals.

Visit them at:

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samantha some call me adventurous female travel bloggers of color


The voice behind the blog: Samantha is proud black woman who is quarantining in the PNW but lives for London

Why you should support her: Samantha embodies one of my favorite inspirational quotes by Emile Zola, “If you ask me what I came into this life to do, I will tell you: I came to live out loud.” Killer photo edits, a larger-than-life personality, and a whole lot of positivity makes Samantha standout in a world of cookie cutter feeds. She has an extensive list of Study Abroad-related posts having studied abroad TWICE in London (similarly to Candace of Candace Abroad). Check out her Instagram account dedicated to all the pretty facades of London town.

Visit them at:

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jessika trips female travel bloggers of color


The voice behind the blog: Jessika, a Belgium transplant by way of Jessika

Why you should support her: Jessika has an intimate connection to the travel industry most travel bloggers lack. For starters, she studied tourism as an undergraduate before joining the cabin crew as a flight attendant, and now, she works at hotel when she’s not traveling. Her articles on the blog are elaborations of her real life bucket list “101 Things To Do and See Before I Die” list that she is actively working on. I honestly haven’t see a more committed pursuit of a bucket list in all my years of reading travel blogs.

Visit them at:

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👉 Please support these inspirational and diverse women by visiting their websites and accompanying social media channels. Do you have more female travel bloggers of color that we should follow? Share in the comments section.

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